PowerBoost 1000 Basic - 5V USB Boost @ 1000mA from 1.8V+ SKU: 18932

PowerBoost 1000 Basic – 5V USB Boost @ 1000mA from 1.8V+

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This 4A capable PowerBoost 1000 can turn almost any battery voltage below 5.5V into a steady 5.2V to power your USB devices.

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$14.95 USD


Connecting USB devices to a power source can be a little tricky, especially if that power source is a battery. Luckily Adafruit has created the PowerBoost 1000 which makes getting power to your USB devices easy!

The PowerBoost accepts any voltage as low as 1.8V and as high as 5.5V and outputs a constant 5.2V. The extra 0.2V adds a bit of headroom just in case you are using a long cable, adding an in-line diode, or consuming a lot of current. Even if your voltage dips, you should be safe from brown-outs during operation. 

If your device requires a lot of current, fear not! The PowerBoost has the ability to provide 1A+ from as low as 2V with a maximum current draw of 4A. The heart of this little beast is powered by the TPS61030 boost converter from TI which comes with some cool extra features including low battery detection, synchronous conversion, excellent efficiency, and 700KHz high frequency operation.


  • Synchronous operation means you can disconnect the output completely by connecting the enable pin to ground. This will completely turn off the output.
  • 4A internal switch means you can get 1000mA+ from as low as 1.8V, 1500mA+ from 2 NiMH or Alkaline batteries, and at least 2000mA from a 3.7V LiPoly/LiIon battery or 3 NiMH/Alkalines. Just make sure your batteries can actually supply 2-4A, OK?
  • Low battery indicator LED lights up red when the voltage dips below 3.2V, optimized for the most common usage of LiPo/LiIon battery usage.
  • On-board 1000mA charge-rate ‘Apple/iOS’ data resistors. Solder in the included USB connector and you can plug in any iPhone or iPod for a speedy 1000mA charge rate. Works with iPads, both mini and ‘classic’ type.
  • Full breakout for battery in, control pins, and power out.
  • 90%+ operating efficiency in most cases (see datasheet for efficiency graphs), and low quiescent current: 5mA when enabled and power LED is on, 20uA when disabled (power and low batt LED are off)

Technical details

  • Dimensions: 29mm x 23mm x 2mm / 1.1″ x .9″ x .1″
  • Height w/ JST: 7.5mm / .30″
  • Weight: 6.0g

Hey there’s a typo on the back, it says TPS61090 but we really use the TPS61030 – the ’90 is the 2A version, the ’30 is the 4A version! We’ll fix on the next PCB run. Read more about the TPS61030 boost converter from TI here.

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Weight 0.008 kg
Dimensions 6 × 3 × 1 cm


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