JST XH 3 Pin Connector set - Female Cable, Male Plug SKU: 14175

JST XH 3 Pin Connector set – Female Cable, Male Plug

$2.49 CAD

JST XH 3 are also usually found with most 3 pin Lithium Polymer battery connectors. Use this to replace or rewire similar devices.

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$2.49 CAD
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JST XH 3-Pin Battery Connector pigtail set with female cable end and PCB-mount male jack.


  • 3-Pin 2.0 XH Female Connector plug with wire
  • 3-Pin 2.0 XH Male Connector jack
  • Cable Length : 100mm
  • Cable 26AWG
  • Pitch:2.54mm

Did you know that the ultimate gender of any plug/socket device is the shape of the centermost terminal? The outside shape doesn’t matter; it’s the shape of the final, final pin that determines what is male or female. In this case, the cable side housing is male, but since the housing holds female ends (sockets), we refer to it as the female connector.

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Dimensions 9 × 1.5 × 1 cm



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