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February 23, 2018
WeMos D1 Mini - 4MB Microcontroller
$9.85CAD / $7.95USD 
The WeMos D1 Mini makes working with the ESP8266 module simple! Breadboard compatible and equipped with a microUSB jack, build your next Internet of Things project in a snap.
ProtoBoard Shield for WeMos D1 mini
$4.39CAD / $3.50USD
A prototyping area that comes with headers you can solder on for easy connection to any WeMos D1 Mini project.
Double Socket Dual Base Shield for WeMos D1 Mini NodeMCU
$4.39CAD / $3.50USD
Double up the possibilities of your WeMos D1 Mini projects with this dual base shield.
Matrix LED Shield V1.0.0 for WEMOS D1 mini ESP8266 development board
$4.50CAD / $3.49USD
Here's a cool 8x8 LED Matrix Display designed specifically for a WeMos D1 Mini!
DC Power Shield V1.1.0 for WEMOS D1 mini 7-24V 1A
$4.50CAD / $3.49USD
Here is a perfect power supply shield for those projects that can use a wall wart!
X-Relay 5V Relay Shield Version 2 for WEMOS ESP8266 WiFi Mod
$8.10CAD / $6.25USD
Single channel relay for ESP8266 and ESP32 modules.
WS2812B RGB SHIELD for WeMos D1 mini
$3.00CAD / $2.49USD
This is the easiest way to connect a WS2812 LED to a Wemos D1 Mini!


February 28, 2013
Phones Are Back Up

The maintenance was short and sweet, phone connection is restored, please feel free to call!

February 10, 2017
Web Links Friday

A Batman Jacket Made With 10,000 Lego Bricks Lego and Batman rolled in one? Geek factor level 80. (Via Japanese Scientists Artificially Pollinate Flowers with a Bee drone Lookit this electric thing smacking the poor lily up the face! Bees are much more gentle. Save the bees. Technology is cool, but bees are better. […]

November 7, 2009
Closed for Rememberance Day (Nov 11th)

Hey everyone! The first week of November has already slid by, and that puts us coming up to Remembrance Day, or Veteran's Day for our pals in the US. We'll be closed on Wednesday, November 11th to observe the event. We will resume the processing/shipping of orders and responding to any correspondence we've received when […]

June 27, 2000

More videos are available featuring the ScoutWalker 2 and the SunSeeker head interface. Also, all the pics of the BEAM/WCRG Millennium Robot Games are up at We're also featuring our PhotoPopper Photovore on sale with a free SC3733 Solarcell upgrade! Read More...

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