New GMPW Wheels!

Dave Hrynkiw
June 21, 2007

No more rubber band tires for us! We've invested in getting our very own wheels made for us, with molded-on thermoplastic rubber wheels!

These wheels are slightly larger in diameter than the old style, measuring 69.2mm (2.72") diameter and 7.65mm (0.30") wide. Ah, but how good are they? They're definitely better than the old style! We know from head-to-head tests that these have better traction than the rubber-band tires (definitive numbers are coming...). We've also spun them up on our lathe to see how true the mold process is, and they're quite true - no visible wobbling!

A new enhancement is a built-in opto-reflector 32-step pattern! Built to be bolt-on compatible with the Wheel-Watcher series of wheel-encoders, all you have to do is paint the groove white (for dark plastic wheels), and scrape away the raised surfaces to generate a sharp, accurate 32-stripe pattern!

Did we mention that there was no increase in price for all these enhancements too?


September 11, 2009
Arduino Parts and Other Things, Too

Remember the other week when we mentioned how the Arduino Parts category was looking rather thin? Well, we've gone ahead and fattened it up a bit with the following new items: 16MHz Through-Hole Crystal for Arduino Ardubot Bare PCB Barrel Power Jack 2.1mm Connection You might be wondering what the heck does a power jack […]

July 3, 2012
SB-FireFly Hacks: Round 1

Jeremie, our engineer and the brains behind the SB-FireFly, can't seem to put the thing down even though it's all done and released. He's been hard at work figuring out what it's capable of, and figures that the hardware and framework could be used for a Micro-TV-B-Gone broadcaster, IR code repeater, and even a tiny […]

April 29, 2013
Phones are Functioning Normal

..and we are back to (relatively) normal from an exciting and exhausting weekend at the Comic Expo. The update with many pictures coming soon!

November 18, 2004
Book Project Parts Bundles

We've had many requests to sell the parts needed to build the robots described in the books that we carry. You are now able to purchase the individual components needed to build your bot, but you're not required to take them all(Sorry, no instructions -- that's what the book is for!). If you've got resistors […]

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