A Sensory Bonanza

Dave Hrynkiw
June 19, 2010

Sensors. They're FUN. So fun, in fact, we just added a metric crap-tonne (a completely legitimate scientific unit of measurement) of them to Solarbotics. What, you don't believe me? CHECK THIS ACTION OUT! We just added 4 categories, and we now have a total of 75 items available. Here's the full rundown of new stuff:

Force Sensors 

 IESF-R-5 Pressure Sensor
Ultrasonic Sensors

BittyBot Sensors

 BittyBot 2-Way Object Sensor Kit
Infra-Red Sensors

PhidgetInterfaceKit 8/8/8Now, I know what you're thinking. "You FOOL! Those Phidgets sensors sure look incredible, but I don't have any cables to attach them with! And nothing to interface them to!" Well my good friend, we have you covered. Check no further than the Phidgets Sensor Cable, PhidgetInterfaceKit 8/8/8 and Phidgets White LCD with 8/8/8 Interface. "Hrm, not bad," you ponder, "but it sure would be nice if all those super cool, easy to use USB-goodness Phidgets items were grouped into the same category." Well you're in luck, because not only can we see the future, but we can read your mind. In the future. Which is now the past. Uh, yeah. PHIDGETS CATEGORY! Also, the MEGABitty Atmel Microcontroller Kit. It pretty much rounds out the BittyBot lineup - a bunch of super-small, super-compact, and (you guessed it) super-cool solutions for tiny robots. Aaaand that's it. Have a good weekend, everyone!


September 4, 2009
Labour Daybour, New PICAXE Items

Happy First Week of September everyone! The kids are all back in school and there's that certain holiday right around the corner. Apparently Labour Day celebrates "the economic and social achievements of workers." And what a better way to celebrate than to not work! That's right - on Monday, September the 7th Solarbotics and HVW […]

April 10, 2014
Heartbleed & Solarbotics

As I imagine most of you out there have heard by now, there's a pretty serious vulnerability in the OpenSSL that was announced on April 7th called CVE-2014-0160, better known as Heartbleed. For those of you wondering what the heck this "Heartbleed" thing is, awhile back OpenSSL added a "heartbeat" feature which allowed servers and […]

April 5, 2012
New Product, Closed for Good Friday

Fun fact: Tomorrow is Good Friday. By default, that means for the other 51 weeks of the year we experience Bad Fridays. We're not quite sure what exactly makes them so undesirable per se, but because the chance to celebrate a Good Friday comes around so infrequently, we've got to act on it, dangit. So […]

April 12, 2004
Coming to the WCRG this year?

Thinking of coming to the Western Canadian Robot Games this year? Although the games don't have any BEAM events this year, we're still planning on being there to meet up with our customers (and enter a few 'bots in competition!). As usual, we're planning at also having our free annual post-event BBQ, so if you'll […]

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