Moved In and Headin' Out

Dave Hrynkiw
May 8, 2010

What a cah-razy week we've had. We're officially all moved in at our new location. There are still mounds of boxes to unpack and things to organize and some renovations to finish, but, all things considered, it went pretty well. If you happen to know where my USB extension cable went, though, I'd love to know.

But yes, business has resumed to normal operations and things are going along smoothly. We're filling and shipping orders and returning all the correspondence that has piled up over the last week. Enjoy it while you can, though, because it will probably only last for the next week or so. We're gearing up to head out to the San Francisco Maker Faire. (Quick! Load up everything we own into moving vans! Quick! Unpack everything we own from the moving van and put it in the new office! Quick! Pack up a completely different van with a good portion of what we own to take down to California! Etc, etc) While we're still trying to determine specifics, it's fairly safe to assume that we will be closed for a few days while attending Maker Faire. We'll be sure to post the relevant information as the time draws near.

Solarbotics Laser Engraver IIISo what else is going on around these parts? We're this close to releasing our latest kit - the BeetleBot. Once we get the last parts in and the documentation tuned up, this solderless kit will be made available for purchase. We're also about to have our latest catalogue printed, but that might be more exciting for us (particularly me, being the graphics dood) than anyone else. In the community, Ted pointed us towards his PICAXE site, which is absolutely crammed with loads of good and helpful PICAXE stuff - we recommend giving it a look. Dave also just posted a bunch more vintage BEAM pics to our Flickr stream, which you can see here. Oh, and did we mention that our laser caught fire? And that it happened while running some last-minute jobs during the office move? Yeah, that was fun.


June 6, 2003
Sandwich PCB Parts Bundle!

We are finally stocking the complete parts bundle (with PCB) to compliment David Cook's Robot Building for Beginners book. Check out our kits section, and take a look at the Sandwich parts bundle which contains everything, including a nice set of documentation, to build your very own Sandwich bot.

October 14, 2011
Supernova of Electronics

Here at Solarbotics, we like to celebrate things. And today we're remembering a supernova that took place in the Ophiuchus constellation and was observed by German astronomer Johannes Kepler back in 1604. That poor star, it was taken before its time. So to commemorate the memory of that star, (aptly named SN 1604, but we […]

October 10, 2016
DIY Halloween RGB LED Kitty Ears

Simple cosplay cat ears made out of Fosshape, decorated with rhinestones and complete with RGB LEDs for color changing effect. Materials: Fosshape 300 2 x slow scroll RGB LEDs 2 x CR2032 coin cell batteries 2 x coin cell battery holders 100 flatback rhinestones 2 x hairclips fake fur steel ball chain Tools: scissors heat […]

February 19, 2002
Symet Workshop

Here's something to take a boo at a workshop by Tom Mair and a Grade-5 class. From his message to the BEAM mailing list: Last year I helped Mrs. Corbett's Grade 5 class build robots and we had a blast (see a review here Well, this year we are doing it again. We're building […]

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