Golem at Calgary Comic Expo

Solar botics
September 21, 2016

Solarbotics has worked on a good many interesting costuming projects, but few have been as unique as Shannon Chappell's Rock Golem.7-steampunk-rock-golem-and-myself

Shannon did a fabulous job repurposing electronics for the Golem, and if you're trying to do the same, be ready for some major dumpster-diving.

Alternately, since we first worked on the Golem, we've been bringing in a variety of effects pieces that would have been very handy to have for this rebuild, like our hard-wire and SuperFlex LED strings for detail crack lighting, and solo WS2812B pixel LEDs for the crystal elements.

We've also since started carrying some wonderful costuming materials called Fosshape and Wonderflex which heat form and paint excellently, and would have been quite useful for some of the other structural elements.




As it was, we used a variety of our own in-house parts to retrofit Golem:
Lights in the crystals: Super Bright 5mm LED (SBLED)
All lighting driven by: Solarbotics Ardweeny (KARDW)
Double Rainbow RGB LED strip controller for Ardweeny (60170)
Jaw action powered by Servo S03N (Servo)
Arm, chest & groin tubes, lights in stone cracks: 12V Cold White LED Strip (60522)
FETs controlling the weapon’s light: ZVN2106 FET (TRZVN2106)




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