Friday New Product and a Little Bit of Fiberoptics

Solarbotics is helping out local fashion designers prepare their e-wearables for the Calgary MakeFashion. This time, Tony Grimes dropped in to experiment with his fiber-optic cloth from SensingTex as an illuminating surface, but the included 5mm LED was not dazzling enough. Time to hack in our 3W RGB Star Controller! The plan was to shift the colors to change the overall color of the fabric, but is serendipitously didn’t work. Shifting the optical pickup across the lens of the LED split the light from the individual red, green, and blue elements to to different strands of the fiber optic cloth, making for a wicked speckled rainbow effect.

Aaaand we have a few new things to show off before we wrap up this week.

35STH36 NEMA-14 Bipolar 40mm Stepper
This motor is about half as small as our NEMA-17 Stepper and as a result only needs about half the power. Compared to the other NEMA-14 stepper we carry, it’s a little longer but has the option to mount an encoder to the rear shaft!
Adafruit Monochrome 128×32 I2C OLED graphic display
These are tiny, sharp, and most impressive OLED monochrome displays! Just about 1″ diagonal, made of 128×32 individual white OLED pixels, each one is turned on or off by the controller chip.