Holiday Shipping Dates, More Sales

Dave Hrynkiw
December 11, 2009

 ARDX w/ Free ArdweenyWell, we're already half-way through December and the days, snow, and cold temperatures keep rolling on.  For those of you in need to get some last-minute  shopping in before the holidays hit, you're in luck. For the next two weeks (until Dec 29th) we have two totally-awesome Arduino-type deals:

  • Shieldpack (This promotion has ended. Better luck next time!) - Get four arduino shields (two SB Protoshields, one each of the new SB-GVS Shield and Wingshield Screwshield) for $40 - Save a cool 20% over buying them individually!
  • ARDX w/ Free Ardweeny (This promotion has ended. Better luck next time!) - Buy a Arduino Experimenter's Kit and we'll throw in the new Ardweeny for free! (UPDATE: Wow - these are turning out to be so popular that we're running out of stock!  We'll leave this one up for as long as we can, but once we're sold out, that's it!)

Wondering when you need to get those orders in? Well, if you want to receive your package before December 25th, you'll have to check out the following dates:

UPS Ground to the United States - Order on or before Wednesday, Dec 16th
UPS Express to the United States - Order on or before Tuesday, Dec 22nd
Purolator Ground to Canada - Order on or before Wednesday, Dec 16th
Purolator Express to Canada - Order on or before Wednesday, Dec 23rd
Purolator Express to Europe & Australia - Order on or before Wednesday, Dec 16th

Note that with crazy weather conditions and a super-busy postal system, it's probably a very good idea to put your order in sooner than later. We're filling packages and getting them out the door as fast as we can, but once it gets into the hands of the delivery folks, there ain't much else we can do!


January 2, 2013
Wednesday Cool Links: First Batch for 20...

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March 23, 2001
LANL Workshop Update

We've got confirmation from the Santa Fe Art Institute that they are indeed handling the registration. Contact Brandy at (505) 424 5050 for registration details, or email her at Remember, this will most likely be the last hurrah for the event on May 3-6, 2001, so come now, or never again! Read More...

January 18, 2012
SOPA / PIPA - Slingshots from Abroad

We're a Canadian Company, but the impact of the over-zealously worded American Legislation H.R.3261 "Stop Online Piracy Act" and S.968 "PROTECT IP" will affect foreign Internet sites. Being a central backbone to the Internet, the USA has an uncomfortably large influence on the rest of the English-speaking web, and so it's of our Canadian interest […]

June 28, 2010
Canada Day - Closed July 1st & 2nd

This just in - our country is awesome. Now, we all know what you're thinking. "Yeah? Well my country is awesome too, and yours didn't even make it to the World Cup!" We certainly can't argue that your country is awesome as well. As for the World Cup... You wanna know what we think of […]

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