Freezer Burn 2017 Pendant

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July 6, 2017

Freezer Burn is an Alberta Regional Burning Man celebration annually creating a temporary community out on the prairie. A few of us here at Solarbotics attend, and having access to all of the neat technology, we make an effort to bring special projects to the festival. Lit up projects work well since the event is outdoors and almost no artificial lighting is present. We made a special badge for our theme camp and wanted to share how it was made since it was a straightforward build, but it used a few neat effects worth mentioning.

The components include:
2 x Ultra bright LEDs in blue
2 x Slow scroll 3mm RGB LEDs
2 x CR2032 3V Lithium Coincell Batteries
2 x Laser engraved acrylic panels
~5" gaffer tape
~ 36" of string for suspending the badge

*Notice that the frame engraving is mirrored so that both engravings are on the inside when sandwiched, exposing smooth surface on both sides of the pendant.

The blue LEDs and the battery fit neatly into one panel's cutout...and the RGB slow-scrolls - into another.

We overlayed the acrylic panels so that the engraved sides face inwards and the text is proper orientation. Then we wrapped gaffer tape around the top covering the LEDs and batteries to hold everything in place.The end result is a striking wearable badge with central element changing color independently. Edge lighting illuminates the engraved elements while keeping the light source concealed.

* We also published it on Instructables if you want to make a version of your own! Somewhat of a more detailed explanation and a few tips included.








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