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Dave Hrynkiw
April 12, 2012

So as we mentioned last week, our contest to name our upcoming GVS Ardweeny Backpack had come to a close. We've had a chance to sift through all the submissions, and the results are IN. This would be the part where someone hands someone else a secret-lookin' envelope, but because I can't spot any envelopes within reaching distance of where I'm sitting, so we'll skip that part. We're going to name the new Ardweeny thinger...

[drumroll] (...I may not have an envelope, but I can drum on my desk)


Which means that, technically, we didn't pick any of the submissions. But we got inspiration from "Multitask", which was submitted by Brayton, so he'll get our first place prize (an Ardweeny, TTLyFTDI USB-to-TTL Cable Adapter, and a newly-christened Multipack).

BUT WAIT, THAT'S NOT ALL! We got a lot of suggestions we liked, so we'd like to award some more prizes while we're at it. Particularly to Tim for his "Nerdy Dozen" suggestion - it got far too many chuckles around the office. And for no other reason than amusing the staff with such a genius name, we're going to send him a first place prize too. And just to round things off, we'd like to throw out an honourable mention to Geoffrey for his clever (and appropriate) "Medusa". We'll be sending a fresh new Ardweeny his way for winning in the "Reference New Technology to the Creepiest Figure from Greek Mythology" category.

Congrats to all the winners - we'll be getting in touch with you shortly to send you your goods. Our thanks goes out to everyone else that submitted names!

And to celebrate the end of the contest, we're going to release some new stuff. For this week's batch, we have a fistful of REALLY neat wireless items. And a single LED to round it off (hey, you need to have something to turn on/off using your fancy new wireless tech).

Seeedstudio Bluetooth Bee Seeedstudio Bluetooth Bee

Bluetooth! XBee! Arrgh - which way to go? Well, the Bluetooth Bee lets you jam a Bluetooth SPP module into an existing Xbee socketed project!
SeeedStudio 315Mhz RF Link Kits with Encoder and Decoder SeeedStudio 315Mhz RF Link Kits with Encoder and Decoder

This 315MHz RF transmitter/receiver set is a simple 100M remote-operation control link.
Seeedstudios Long Range RF Link Kits w/ Encoder and Decoder Seeedstudios Long Range RF Link Kits w/ Encoder and Decoder

You want to make this thing talk to that thing waaay over there? Try the Seeedstudio super-long range 433Mhz RF link bundle! They're claiming 2KM range for wireless data transport & remote control use!
Nanode v5 Kit Nanode v5 Kit

Nanode is an open source Arduino-like board that has in-built web connectivity. It is a low cost platform for creative development of web connected ideas.
Wicked Node Kit Wicked Node Kit

This ATTiny24-based 433MHz platform is a remote sensor base. Add up to 4 sensors (analog or digital), and configure the board's broadcast schedule!
Wicked Receiver Shield Kit Wicked Receiver Shield Kit

Want to do some wireless communication for the Arduino, but on the cheap? The Wicked Devices 433MHz Receiver Shield will give your Arduino-compatible ears!
5mm Common Cathode RBG Non-Flashing LED 5mm Common Cathode RBG LED

Diffused lense RGB LED with high degree of brightness and long life-span.

Not only did we have a dramatic conclusion to our contest, but we've released some fresh products. Everyone is a winner! Ugh, that phrase brings back painful memories of t-ball...


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