5mm Common Cathode RGB LED SKU: UBLED-RGB

5mm Common Cathode RGB LED

$1.29 CAD

Standard-sized 5mm RGB LED, common cathode.

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$1.29 CAD
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It’s a standard-sized, 5mm RGB LED, in common-cathode configuration. Tie the long cathode pin to ground, and apply a positive voltage to the individual pins to light up the R/G/B elements in the milky-diffused lens.


  • Betlux BL-515RGBW-CC
  • Milky-diffused lense
  • Red element:
    • 630nm
    • 2.1-2.5 Vfwd
    • 2000mcd @20mA
  • Green element:
    • 525nm
    • 3.8-4.5 Vfwd
    • 5000mcd @20mA
  • Blue element:
    • 430nm
    • 3.8-4.5 Vfwd
    • 2000mcd @20mA


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Dimensions 3.7 × 0.5 × 0.5 cm


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