Boxing Week Sales!!

Never mind that 10 block line-up at your local home electronics store. Solarbotics is where it’s at this holiday season for great quality, inexpensive robots and parts. Feast your eyes on the packages of motors, wheels, kits and supplies which are all over 20% off the regular two-for pricing!!

  • Do you want motors and LOTS of them??
  • Do you want wheels for your gear motors?
  • Do you want the BEST Mini-Sumo on the market?
  • Do you want a great head-start on your next robotic platform?

    Sales are on until the first full week of January, so you have lots of time to play with all your Christmas presents (Gotta get Dave to stop playing with his mini-RC tanks…) and eating all that caramel popcorn. THEN, come back and get stocked up for the long winter or robot-building ahead of you.