Solarbotics / Active-Tech Holiday Hours 2021

Looking forward to a bit of recharge time after the holiday rush! While being in that mindset, here’s our holiday schedule for both Solarbotics and the Active-Tech Calgary Storefront:

  • December 24th – 9:30-1:30pm
  • December 25th – Closed (HO HO HO!)
  • December 26th – Closed (Whooboy… leftovers and toys!)
  • December 27th – Closed (Moar leftovers… and who’s toys are these?)
  • December 28th – Closed (Zzzzzzz)
  • December 29th – 9:30-5:30pm (*blink* *blink* yaaaawn)
  • December 30th – 9:30-5:30pm (Clean up 2021 stuff)
  • December 31st – 9:30-1:30pm (Off to buy munchies and …cold snacks…)
  • January 1st 2022 – Closed (Sleeping off cold snacks)
  • January 2nd – (Sunday, the day of rest y’know)
  • January 3rd – Closed (YAY for long weekends!)
  • January 4th – Preparing for 2022, and back to regular schedule!

Let’s all send 2021 packing, and hope for a better 2022!