Wednesday Cool Links: RGB LED clock, Kinect, Oreo Separating Robot

Here’s another bunch of links for your viewing pleasure. Under the current meteorological conditions we wonder who would consider looking at screens, because, you know, real life takes over sometimes, especially when it is so nice outside, at least in our neighborhood.

A clock that uses sixty RGB pixels
Hey, we made that! Well, almost. This clock uses RGB LED Stringxels, Arduino, DS1307, light sensitive resistor and the Chronodot.
Microsoft Kinect Learns to Read Hand Gestures, Minority Report-Style Interface Now Possible
Kinect allows to track the body’s posture as you move around, but until now it couldn’t track the fine hand movements. Now it has that ability and that opens up a whole world of new applications.
An Arduino, music shield and an ultrasonic rangefinder are the basis of this clever music player that – again – uses hand gestures to control the volume. Never touch your music player again!
Prototype Triangle Numéro 1 wooden T-shirt by Pauline Marcombe
We’ve seen many things laser-cut, including wearable ones. Triangles of MDF assembled with wire make a perfect t-shirt, did you know? And it looks stunning, too.
HERB Learns to Separate Oreos, Probably Thinks Humans are Crazy
Teaching a robot to separate cream from the Oreo cookies is an absurdly awesome idea. The combination of control, precision, extra joints in Herb’s arms and Oreo-detecting abilities allow to do that. Success!

So if you are less fortunate with weather or feel like staring at shiny pixels – visit us regularly, there’s always something new to distract you from stuff, outdoors or in.