Project Monday: LogoTurtleBot

Question: What ever happened to punch cards? Nobody really knows, but the world became a much much darker place without them. There was something undeniably magical about making a computer do your bidding through feeding it a piece of paper with a bunch of holes in it (“THE ULTIMATE POWER IS MINE! I CAN NOW FIND OUT THE SUM OF TWO SINGLE-DIGIT NUMBERS!”).

Lets Make Robots user isotope is bringing punch cards into the future. He has developed a drawing robot that it programmable by feeding it with black and white paper strips. Check it out:

Aside from the GMPW wheels and motors for muscle, the LogoTurtleBot is rocking a Freeduino SB and Protoshield for brains. isotope has done a lot of fantastic things with this build – aside from the obvious novelty factor (some might think programming via paper strips isn’t be the most efficient system, but it scores some mega-awesome points with us), overall it’s a well thought-out platform. Using CDs to construct the chassis, for example, was a creative piece of problem-solving and an effective decision. Even the finer elements, such as the feeder for the paper instructions, is a well-executed piece of engineering. Make sure you head on over to the project page and check out the handiwork!