Order Form Glitches

More teething problems! We’re very aware of the secure server “security warning” that pops up when you click on an items “Add to Cart” button. Be assured, we ARE the appropriate receivers of the information. The problem stems from the ISP serving our website (Cadvision) having a secure server that doesn’t correctly parse the names of their hosted sites (like us!). So when you see the error “Name does not match the Certificate” (being fp2.cadvision.com), it is in fact still getting SECURELY to Solarbotics.com. We’re working on the problem, but be assured, your information is still safe in transmission to us.

Another bug is in the form of the multipliers used when you order multiple items, I.e.: Solarcells. Sometimes you may get a strange number on your cart check-out form. Be assured, we are going through each order carefully to make sure you are not being overcharged. This bug is a priority to kill!

Sorry about the minor problems – we’re putting on our bug-stomping boots and working on it!