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Dave Hrynkiw
February 5, 2003

We've been busy little elves at Solarbotics. New to our product listing is a fair number of parts and ICs that have been requested of us. Like what? Wellll...:

You always need new chips. Especially when somebody on the BEAM list has made something cool:

  • LM324 Op-amp (happy now, Bruce?)
  • LM393 Dual comparator
  • LM386 Audio op-amp
  • LM339 Quad comparator

And you can't have new chips without new chip carriers!:

  • DC8Pin - 8 pin dual inline IC carrier (for the LM386, 8212, and LM393)
  • DC16Pin - 16 pin dual inline IC carrier (for the L293D and 74AC139)
  • DC20Pin - 20 pin dual inline IC carrier (for the 74xx240 and 74xx245)

And what fun is it if you can't put your new ICs and carriers on a robot with a new motor?:

  • RM2 - High power drop-in replacement motor for the GM2/GM3 gearmotors
  • TPM2 - A new, less expensive alternate to the old TPM tiny pager motor!
  • RPM2 - The Namiki 1701 replacement; comparable performance for less money!

Ummm... That's it. For now. We now return you back to your regular programming schedule.


December 22, 2016
Christmas/New Years Holiday Hours

  Happy holidays! This is a quick note to announce our holiday schedule, which is going to be as follows: Friday, December 23 - Offices open til 2pm Saturday, December 24 - Tuesday, December 27 -- Closed Wednesday, December 28 - Thursday, December 29 - Open Friday, December 30 -- Offices open til 4pm Saturday, […]

May 19, 2008
Closed Monday for Victoria Day

Hi all. It's Monday, May 19th, and for some reason, we have something called "Victoria Day" today. We're not open today, but I promise, we'll be back in tomorrow, rested and relaxed and ready to process your orders! Now to just beat these darn springtime allergies...sniiiiifffff....

June 8, 2004
Back from PDXBot04

Grant and I are back from Portland. Nice damp city, that one...reminds me of where I grew up in B.C. We had a great time under the hospices of Monty Goodson and the rest of the PDXBot crew. We had a good time seeing cool new custom robots by Josh Triska (1st place Advanced Mini-Sumo […]

April 19, 2010
We Are Moving!!!!

We are moving from our current humble abode to a new location with more light, more atmosphere and more room!  Yes, Solarbotics & HVW Tech are moving on April 30, 2010 to our new location.  Don't worry, we'll still provide you with the same great products and service but from a location where we can […]

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