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Dave Hrynkiw
February 5, 2003

We've been busy little elves at Solarbotics. New to our product listing is a fair number of parts and ICs that have been requested of us. Like what? Wellll...:

You always need new chips. Especially when somebody on the BEAM list has made something cool:

  • LM324 Op-amp (happy now, Bruce?)
  • LM393 Dual comparator
  • LM386 Audio op-amp
  • LM339 Quad comparator

And you can't have new chips without new chip carriers!:

  • DC8Pin - 8 pin dual inline IC carrier (for the LM386, 8212, and LM393)
  • DC16Pin - 16 pin dual inline IC carrier (for the L293D and 74AC139)
  • DC20Pin - 20 pin dual inline IC carrier (for the 74xx240 and 74xx245)

And what fun is it if you can't put your new ICs and carriers on a robot with a new motor?:

  • RM2 - High power drop-in replacement motor for the GM2/GM3 gearmotors
  • TPM2 - A new, less expensive alternate to the old TPM tiny pager motor!
  • RPM2 - The Namiki 1701 replacement; comparable performance for less money!

Ummm... That's it. For now. We now return you back to your regular programming schedule.


April 10, 2014
Heartbleed & Solarbotics

As I imagine most of you out there have heard by now, there's a pretty serious vulnerability in the OpenSSL that was announced on April 7th called CVE-2014-0160, better known as Heartbleed. For those of you wondering what the heck this "Heartbleed" thing is, awhile back OpenSSL added a "heartbeat" feature which allowed servers and […]

May 19, 2011
We're CLOSED for Maker Faire

Yeah, we warned you. We're not even in our office to write out this newspost. Nay, this is one of them fancy pre-recorded messages. It may or may not self destruct. So, yes, we're closed from May 19th (Thursday) to the 24th  (Tuesday). We'll resume filling/shipping orders and replying to any correspondance once we're back […]

August 12, 2016
New Product: SeeedStudio

Seeed One Wire Temperature Sensor $7.97 For simple and easy temperature measurement using the 1-wire protocol with a prepared DS18B20 sensor. Adjustable IR Reflection Sensor (3-80cm) $9.32 This panel/plate mount IR reflection sensor has a 3-80cm threshold detection range. Grove - High Temperature Sensor $12.02 This isn't a plain outdoor thermometer - it has a […]

January 14, 2004
Sumovore rules Italy!

We just had word from our Italian distributor at - it seems that he was victorious! Take a look at his website - they know how to make cool trophies in Italy...

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