New Products: LED Strips, LED Controller and More

Hello everyone, today I’ll be your guest Russian host. Here’s your new product, look at it and leave me alone! I’m busy eating vodka and drinking borscht. In the dacha. After the banya. (Is that good enough for Russian stereotypes?) Right about now the most observant of you might notice that something is wrong with your regular weekly host, and particularly that this is NOT him! Get that, people?! He gets to go on a vacation! Shocking, I know. The rest of us are left working so hard, and the results of this honorable pursuit are right here, in front of your eyes, in quantities unimaginable. Enjoy:

High Power 3W RGB LED High Power 3W RGB LED
So you’re on the hunt for a bright Red-Green-Blue LED are you? Well your mission is over because we’ve found you one of the brightest! This 3W RGB LED can produce a brightness of 43000 millicandela, that’s around 3 times brighter than the most luminous 5mm LEDs out on the current market!
12V RGB LED Strip (1m) 12V RGB LED Strip (1m)
Red-Green-Blue (RGB) LED strips are all the rage these days, use them for edge lit signs, accent lighting around the home, or just for blinging out your hobby projects! One sweet feature they have is that their IP65 rated, silicone coating allows them to be used in outdoor applications.
12V Cold White LED Strip (1m) 12V Cold White LED Strip (1m)
Want some 12V LED lighting for your home or camper? The light emitted from this string closely resembles cool white fluorescent lighting and is a sharp and more focused compared to others of it’s kind. Fair warning: probably not a good idea to stare directly into the light!
12V Warm White LED Strip (1m) 12V Warm White LED Strip (1m)
120 LEDs per meter that’s ludicrous, shenanigans, positively… bright! This LED strip closely resembles the natural or soft fluorescent bulbs on the market. With most LEDs strips you’ll get a fairly focused area of light dispersion, not the case with this strip as it emits an nice glow.
Wireless RGB LED Strip Controller Wireless RGB LED Strip Controller
Unsure of how to interface RGB strips to your own microcontroller? Why not go with this ready-to-go remote controlled LED controller! Comes with a small remote that allows you to use wireless infrared signals to change the RGB strip color and lighting effects.
Switching Power Supply, 12VDC @ 5A Switching Power Supply, 12VDC @ 5A
This power supply is a brute! It’s rated to supply 12VDC at 5Amps and is perfect for powering 12V LED strips, usually up to 5 meters!
Arduino Robotics Arduino Robotics
This book will show you how to use your Arduino to control a variety of different robots, while providing step-by-step instructions on the entire robot building process! Authored by: John-David Warren, Josh Adams, Harald Molle.
Getting Started with RFID Getting Started with RFID
If you want to experiment with radio frequency identification (RFID), this book by Tom Igoe (renowned for his work with Arduino) is the perfect place to start. You’ll be guided through three hands-on projects that let you experience RFID in action.
Pololu Dual MC33926 Motor Driver Shield Pololu Dual MC33926 Motor Driver Shield
This shield makes it easy to control two brushed DC motors with your Arduino or Arduino-compatible board. It’s a Dual MC33926 motor driver which operate from 5 to 28 V and can deliver a continuous 3A per motor. The board also features breakout headers for pin-remapping and standard 0.1″ spacing.

After you had a good infusion of shiny, wordy and simply smart to your brain, go buy it! ALL OF IT! Note: this clever marketing proposition was inspired by me eating lots of potatoes, and I recommend you do the same. Well, in your case, potato chips, cuz, you know, they are easier to swallow whole…