Closed August 3rd, New Product

Before we jump to the new product announcements, we need to tell you that  we will be closed on Monday August 3rd (wait, what, it’s already August?!) to celebrate something called a National One of the Many Long Weekends Day – I mean Heritage Day. We will resume our regular activities of answering phones and shipping orders the next day. And for the products, we seem to have heaps of Grove stuff, so here’s more to the pile:

Grove – Temperature and Humidity Sensor

Measure temperature and humidity with the pre-calibrated Grove TempHumi sensor.
Grove – Electricity Sensor (AC)
The Grove Electricity sensor is a current transformer able to give your project the ability to measure up to 5A AC current.
Grove – HCHO Sensor

The Grove HCHO sensor is a Volatile Organic Compound detector, able to detect down to 1 PPM.
Grove – Gas Sensor (MQ3)
The Grove MQ3 sensor specializes in sensing alcohol vapor do 0.04mg/l.
Grove – Gas Sensor (MQ9)

The Grove MQ9 sensor specializes in sensing Carbon Monoxide, Methane, and Liquified Petroleum Gas vapour.