New ESP Offerings at Solarbotics

ESP8266 ESP-32
CAD 13.50/ USD 9.99
The much anticipated ESP32 is here!! Bluetooth, Wifi, Dual Core, IoT just became doable!
ESP-12F AP+STA Remote Serial Port WIFI Controller / Module
You can’t turn over an internet-connected rock without finding an ESP8266 of some sort wired to it. This ESP-12F AP+STA is a solid way to connect to the “Internet of Things” with even more IO channels than the ESP-01.

AI-Thinker ESP8266 ESP-01 Wifi microcontroller

The original low-cost, low-pin count IoT controller, ideal for connecting a few IO channels to the Internet.

ESP01 Programmer
CAD 7.80/ USD 5.95
The ESP-01 is a great wifi / IoT / Arduino “chewing gum” piece of technology, but programming it is a bit of a technical issue. Fix that with this inexpensive programmer module.

ESP8266 Adapter Board
CAD 1.34/ USD 0.99
ESP8266 ESP-12 / ESP-12F Adapter Plate with full IO.
This adapter board takes care of pull ups for you, making it easy to breadboard a ESP-12F module.

ESP Comparison Table (download as pdf: ESP Comparison Table)