Make Something Useless Useful Update

We’ve been trying to Make Something Useless Useful since 2012. In order to do that we’ve been donating a percentage of past sales of the Useless Box to Plan Canada. In year 2013 $5,000 went to Plan Canada’ Gift of Hope School Construction in Honduras.Here’s what the $5,000 we donated in December 2013 was able to accomplish:

  • 16 new classrooms have been constructed across six schools; classrooms are equipped with furniture and learning materials to create a nurturing school environment for children.
  • Six solar panel systems have been installed to provide consistent electricity to each school.
  • Two libraries have been built and equipped with child-friendly furniture, computers, and a wide selection of books to strengthen children’s comprehensive development.

This year we are hoping to donate $10,000, so with every Useless Box purchase you are supporting this goal!