Wednesday Links: TV Tube Hack, Monofilament and Kerf Measuring Tool

Today we let our staff robo-weasels pick the links. They really wanted to participate and said they will behave and promised not to drink all the antifreeze liquid from the cars again. So we let them, and here’s the result.

TV Screen Flag
TV screen warps and waves like a flag when blown on with a fan – how does one get ideas like that? Somehow [Gijs] did, see the result here (translated). (Via Hackaday)
Fishing Line Muscle
This is an interesting hack on some common materials. Using monofilament fishing line to build muscle wire! (Via Popular Mechanics)
Photovoltaic Panel Makes Bioelectricity
Voronoi tessellations not only make pretty lamps, but also can be used for an enclosure for electricity-producing bacteria. (Via Designboom)
Laser Engraved Cutting Boards
Geeks everywhere – including the kitchen! (Elysium Woodworks via Laughing Squid)
Kerf Measuring Tool
Interesting idea, have yet to try that.. (Via Ponoko blog)

Robo-weasels also drew me a picture of themselves to go with this blog post, but I lost it. Now they drank all the cleaning solution and hid in the bathroom with the photo equipment. Never again…