Early Monday New Product Post: Now with Less Integers

We apologize for the late Friday Product Post – Friday night our brains were temporarily eaten out by rabid flying honey badger monkeys. The brains are now successfully returned into place, and here’s the freshly renamed Early Monday Product Post.

Oh, look, text! It has letters! And words. And sentences. And clauses. And everything a text needs, like commas and periods… It doesn’t look like someone randomly rolled their head or other body parts on the keyboard. It is generally readable… At least for the English speaking audience. Shocking indeed. And now, in order to facilitate a smooth transition to our new product entries, we announce: new product.

Hakko FX-888D
The Hakko FX-888D is an updated digital version of the popular FX-888 and includes several new features. User selectable preset temperatures and digital calibration simplify user setup and operation, and the new password protection and low temperature alarm provides process control and helps protect against cold solder joints.
20A 12 Position Terminal Block
Need to do some heavy duty splicing? Check out this 20A rated 12 position terminal block!
OpenBeam Machinist Precut Kit
Not only does this kit contain the same parts as the OpenBeam Precut Kit 1, it also includes motor mounts and other parts needed for building desktop CNC & 3D machines.

See you next time, when  you will be presented with some Sanskrit quotes from Confucius with Swahili footnotes and an intro in Icelandic. Because why not.