Friday New Product Post and a Few Projects

It’s snowing here. Here’s the proof – a ruler measured with another ruler, reading about 7″ depth of (what used to be) snow.

It’s a massive invasion of snowflakes, and they don’t seem too friendly. The amount of snowfall we are experiencing now can prevent anyone in their right mind from being outside. And the more time you spend inside offices and apartments with lack of daylight and oxygen, the more crazy stuff you come up with. If this indoor thing is for you, then you’re probably one of those types who likes to attach various-shaped sticks and planks to extremities and move around in low temperatures, aka, do winter sports. As for us, we prefer to stay inside and bring you some more new stuff to look at.

Star Controller – 3 Watt RGB Star LED Controller Kit
The larger 3 watt RGB LEDs are very bright and colorful, but if you don’t get the power just right – POOF! Now your RGB is R(nothin’)B. The Star Controller tames this LED so you can power it up with 5 to 12V and use any regular 5V signal to control each channel!
BNC to MCX Converter
Tired of using the normal probes that come with the DSO Quad? Want to go back to using the classic oscilloscope probes that you know and love, well the BNC to MCX converter now allows you to do that very thing!
35BYGH304 NEMA-14 Bipolar 27mm Stepper
This motor is a about half as small as our NEMA-17 stepper and as a result only needs about half the power. The NEMA-14 Stepper is very efficient in converting current into torque and velocity, and is great if you need to fit a stepper in a smaller area.
EMIC 2 Text to Speech Module
Give your project a voice, and more than just pre-recorded messages on loop! The EMIC 2 takes a serial string and turns it into synthesized voice.
30 Arduino Projects for the Evil Genius
This book will guide you through building and programming 30 Arduino projects, with detailed instructions and lists of required parts, introduce you to C programming and the scientific principles behind the projects.

And because we missed the Wednesday Cool Links Post (it’s all that snowflakes’s fault! Look at those shifty dendrites! Don’t they look suspicious to you?!), here are a few more odds and ends:

Acrylic Modular Bits
Little bits of coloured acrylic can go a long way if they are in the right hands. Especially if one has 3 lasers sitting around… With this capacity I bet we are able to cover 4/5 of the earth with those modular things if we wanted to, and maybe some ocean…

Ardweeny on Uno
Have you ever found yourself missing your favorite FTDI adapter when you really needed it to program your Ardweeny? Well it’s a little known fact that you can just plug your Ardweeny into the socket of your Arduino Uno, Duemilanove, or SB-Freeduino and use your development board to directly program it. It’s a clever little hack that is perfect for those times that you are really in a pinch!
So here’s the application: one of our customers, Butch Alline’s latest project, a swipe card door locker & unlocker that uses an Ardweeny mounted on Uno:

New Chiptunes
Remember the SB-FireFly hack with the Piezo Buzzer from a while ago? And namely the Twinkle Grenade, which involved soldering the piezo to the FireFly so that it plays Twinkle Twinkle Little Star until… Someone gets really annoyed and says in a grumpy voice, “Can you play something different?” Because the demand for new chiptunes was so great and enthusiastic, we decided to continue with musical production. And here’s the new additions to the fast-growing music library: Saria’s song (from the Legend of Zelda Ocarina of time) and the Mario 1 theme. Stay, uh… tuned for more.

And that’s it for today.

Oh, no, wait, there’s a bonus for those who kept reading to this point: on Monday November 12, Canada Post will be observing  Remembrance Day and won’t be accepting shipments (Purolator, though, will be continuing as usual).

And now that’s everything. Hope you make peace with all the snowflakes, inside or out, and convince them to stay away from your sidewalk, or at least to not freeze into solid chunks of ice…