Email Troubles & Name The Ardweeny GVS Backpack!

So it turns out that we’ve underestimated the email services of the world. This has led to frustrations for some of our loyal users in reclaiming their email with the new website. We’re sorry people. Completely our bad on that one. The good news is that testing so far shows that the issues should now be sorted out, so we’ll be resending the missing emails to those of you who need ’em to get you up and running.

In other news, we’ve been discussing being a bit more transparent in our development processes, and letting you guys sneak a peek at stuff that’s just on the horizon. Those of you with a keen eye and a subscription to our Flickr stream may have noticed photos of our prototype GVS backpack for our ever popular Ardweeny:
That’s right, this beefy little board is capable of driving up to 12 servos at once! Perfect for a small 3DoF quadruped walker! And that still leaves you with space for an additional 6 sensors on the analog I/O ports (5 if you’re using the I2C header). We’re currently waiting on a final revision of the board to clear up some spacing concerns, and then we’ll get it kitted and available to you fine folks out there. In the meantime, we have a bit of an issue; no one knows what to call this little monster! So we’re opening it up to our community out there. To the victor go the spoils, as they say, and the winner that boss man Dave picks will receive the following bundle when the kits are ready:

Entries must be received by April 4th, 10:00AM Mountain Time.

Send your suggestions here. Feel free to enter as many times as you like, however, there can be only winner.

Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor!