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September 14, 2012

Here's our late and lame Friday post. It features one very lonely, depressed, and forgotten product from a week ago. But it blinks, so it can't be that sad, right?

5V RGB LED LPD8806 Stripxels (32 per meter)
These are very similar to the WS2801 RGB Stripxel, but feature the LPD8806 controller IC instead.

On the bright side of things and to compensate for a lack of other new stuff, we have recently acquired a new toy: a bowl feeder for screw counting. These are pretty handy machines that automate the mind-numbing process of counting small parts like screws by hand. Check out this video (not ours) to see how they operate. We're documenting our process, so we'll probably publish something once it's all wrapped-up.

Oh, we also have some Flickr pictures from the recent Mini MakerFaire YYC 2012 Solarbotics took part in with our ARDX workshop. The event itself featured pink unicorns, purple tutus, fire-spitting pianos and some ferrofluid fun.

Playing with the robot

Check out the Solarbotics Flickr photostream for more Maker Faire goodness.

Well, I guess this balances out the lack of new stuff quite well. Everyone, be happy and balanced. Sometimes shades of gray are better than polar opposite blacks and whites.

That's right, we're ending the week on a philosophical note. If that's not quite your thing, then go and enjoy the warm weather while it lasts!



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