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Dave Hrynkiw
December 29, 2011

Well, it's the end of the year apparently. 2011 has kinda withered up and died like some kinda... Food thing that tends to dry up if you leave it out for too long. Like jerky. Or raisins. Mm, especially raisins when they're in oatmeal cookies (shh, don't tell the boss. Anything but a strict chocolate + oatmeal combination around these parts is pure blashpemy). Anyways, just so y'all know, we'll be closed on December 30th and January 2nd to do some year-end shinanigans. Business resumes as usual on the 3rd.

But that's all kinda boring. So let's show you something kinda neat. Youtube user SSublett1 took a Let's Make Robots Start Here bundle and turned it into something really freaking awesome. He made a CNC wood burner that HARNESSES THE POWER OF THE SUN to, uh, burn wood. It's like a home-made laser engraver, but the power source is a giant flaming ball of gas in space. Check out the video:

If you think this is as nifty as we do, head on over to Buildlounge and cast a vote for this project, so that its creator can get a chance winning a laser cutter.

And just because we can, here's a SECOND project video! Of a jumping/gliding robot! It doesn't use any of our parts or anything, but it's just so darn cool, we have to show it off.

Ok, and our last item of business is... An item of business. It looks like we're on the market for a new purchaser. Here are some of the tasks you'll need to cover:

  • Watch stock levels (physical and in Quickbooks, because bits can’t always be trusted over bytes), and reorder necessary inventory
  • Receive shipments
  • Help watch for new product introductions by new & existing suppliers
  • Order R&D stuff requested by the lab
  • Generate sales reports
  • Help generate Build-of-Material (BOM) lists for new products
  • Develop relationships with supplier reps (some domestic, some very international!)

If you're based in Calgary and feel like buyin' cool robot parts and working with a fistfull of geeks, drop us a line or give us a call (403 232 6268).

...aaaand that's it for the rest of us for the rest of the year. We hope that everyone's 2012 is much better than their 2011. Happy holidays, seasons greetings, happy new year, autonomous robots and spicy tacos, from the team here at Solarbotics.


January 16, 2013
Wednesday Cool Links: Laserin', Artin', ...

This week: Blizzards. Ice. Snow drifts. Rather sunny and warm. Wait, what? Yup, we've seen it all this week folks. All that's left is for delicious pastries to start falling from the skies, and we can check off the last item on our home-made "meteorological phenomena" list. And boy, you have no idea how long […]

September 7, 2012
Maker Faire Calgary TOMORROW!

Hey! Are you in Calgary? Are you near Calgary? Is your name Calgary? If you answered yes to any of the first two questions (but not the third one - that's just plain weird), then you might be interested in hearing about the Mini Maker Faire that's happening here in the city tomorrow. From 10am […]

October 16, 2001
New Calgary Robot Club

This Thursday (October 18) is the inaugural meeting of the Western Canadian Robot Society, Room MD213 7PM at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT). We're hoping to revive the interest in the local robot scene, as Calgary already has one of the biggest robot games in the world, and it's a killer center of […]

August 16, 2001
Vibebots for fun

We do some stuff around the office just for fun once-in-a-while. One of these projects resulted in this set of Vibebots, built by Grant McKee. Simple, a bit noisy, but FUN!

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