BIOBugs Update

News from Mr. Tilden:

The official unveiling of Hasbro/Wowwee BIOBugs will be September 14, with a huge unleasing of 100 of these critters into the desert of White Sands, New Mexico.

Additionally, Mark himself is slated to be on the Rosie O’Donnell Show sometimes on the week of September 17. This will coincide with the "Official Release" of the BIOBugs at FAO Schwarz, which happens with a huge 200-strong herd of BIOBugs being cowboyed into their New York Store.

Check out the new Wowwee website at Don’t miss their Quickstart Guide.

There will be more Tilden in the media in the October issue of "Wired" magazine, and on the television programs "Animal Planet", "National Geographic", and "Nova".

It’ll be a busy fall for BEAM roboticists!