Wednesday Links: Tetris, Tattoo Music an...

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April 9, 2014

Wednesday's here and we are back with the links of death and depression. I mean, sunshine and happiness, of course.

Tetris on the Face of Skyscraper
Now the next step would be to play Tetris using skyscrapers... (via Designboom)
Robotic Instrument Plays Tattoos as Musical Compositions
This is the first time when the musician's repertoire will be limited by the square footage of their skin surface. (via Designboom, by Dmitry Morozov of ::vtol:)
Seeing Sound
...and other things that are normally invisible. (via Gizmodo)
What Robot Behavior Makes People Feel Uncomfortable?
When they stare straight at us and start quoting Nietzsche backwards while worshiping goddess Kali? No, just starting. Gah, humans are so sensitive... (via IEEE Spectrum)

Please do not confuse the two: Wednesday means rainbows, flowers, chirping birdies and links!


November 5, 2003
First GM10 robot!

We gave Grant a bit of the afternoon to put together a demo robot using the GM10. What project? Ah, the venerable Herbie, of course! Construction details (and a big pic) are on the motor detail link. Oh, and there's a video too! Read More...

January 21, 2011
New Kit: The Zendulum!

The Zendulum! It's the mellow love child of a "Newton's Cradle" and a "SunSwinger Pendulum Kit". On sale next week, available for pre-order! It's currently available - we're shipping the Zendulum now!

May 27, 2002
More Website hiccups...

Terribly sorry about the outage over the last day and a half. Somebody at the hosting company missed their morning cup'o'coffee, and missed a setting for our website. Be assured, we're still up and running 100% (other than the website...).

December 6, 2010
As with baking...

...DON'T FORGET ABOUT THE OVEN. You'll burn the cookies while eating the dough! Just got a new LOUD oven timer to make sure somebody is standing over the PCBs when the timer is about up. Pick and place machines tend to drown out gentle oven beeps!

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