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January 15, 2014

Wednesday links are back, with more wednesdayness and linkness. Or linkedness. In any case, after the holidays we got better. More rested, more well-fed, more exercised, more healthy, more balanced, more busy, more relaxed, more organized, more happy... Er, I think these were New Year resolutions... All I mean is that we are finally back with all kinds of interesting stuff harvested from different parts of the internet.  Reading it benefits eye-to-mouse coordination and general well-being.

This particular make by Playmodes emulates the 19 century Phenakistoscope (an animation device creating illusion of motion) using an Arduino, an LED strip and a recycled stepper motor from the printer. Playmodes via Arduino blog
Daniel Widrig 3D prints chair using weird materials
These chairs' material seems to be more suitable for consumption by some inorganic creature, than being put in a 3D printer (read more at Designboom) Artist's website here.
504 Segment Clock by Bertho
Battling with unwieldy clocks of strange construction is something we know first hand. This is yet another version of what a clock can be, loaded with various features. Full article on Hackaday; project page here.
3D Paper Books by Yusuke Oono
Intricate cut paper? And a lot of it? It has to be lasercut! Lasercut goodness by Yusuke Oono, graphic designer and architect via Colossal.
Interactive photobooth where the shutter is triggered by skin contact. Prints awesome thermopaper photos. A collaboration of Talia Radford and media artist Jonas Bohatsch. (Via Designboom)


April 4, 2006
Solarbotics at the MAKE Faire

Sooo, if you're not familiar with Make Magazine, you should be! An excellent quarterly "bookzine" from O'Reilly publishing - them guys that do the computer books with the ink-line drawings of animals on the cover. I'll be down there this April 22-23, giving BEAM lectures / workshops at their MAKE Faire in San Francisco, and […]

December 12, 2006
New SCC3733a-MSE Solarcell

What's so special about the new SCC3733a-MSE? Two things: It's machine-assembled with new high-quality Russian solar cells (the best commercial cells we've tested yet) It comes with a Miller Solarengine circuit pre-etched on the rear of the solarcell! We have only a limited number of these cells presently, so if you're looking for the absolutely […]

December 13, 2005
Christmas? What do you mean it's Christm...

Yeeks! Jeez, it's snuck up on me too... If you want to get your favourite solder-geek a new project for Christmas, keep in mind that our deadline for shipping is approaching. For US orders, your option is Purolator/DHL Courier (2 business days, so Wednesday the 21st by 2:00pm MST at the latest!). Domestic (Canadian) orders […]

December 11, 2009
Holiday Shipping Dates, More Sales

Well, we're already half-way through December and the days, snow, and cold temperatures keep rolling on.  For those of you in need to get some last-minute  shopping in before the holidays hit, you're in luck. For the next two weeks (until Dec 29th) we have two totally-awesome Arduino-type deals: Shieldpack (This promotion has ended. Better […]

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