Wednesday Links: Flying Jellyfish Robot, Underwater Record Player and More

Now, one things got my attention in today’s links: aerojelly. Wouldn’t you like to have a pet aerojelly? It flaps, it flies, it comes with a leash, which is a power cord at the same time. The rest of links is accessories that include music for aerojelly, wireless LEDs for aerojelly, and a pack of termite swarm robot friends for aerojelly.

The “Face” Part of the Interface
Talk about wearable – electronics getting small enough to act as facial decoration and react to facial expressions (Kinisi by Katia Vega, via Arduino blog).
Tiny Robot Flies Like a Jellyfish
Only 8 cm in length, extremely lightweight and ingeniously simple build, the robot is keeping stable in the air without tipping over (by Leif Ristroph, via Livescience)
Movable Wireless LED technology
Who doesn’t like blinky light? We do. Simple but effective (and well-documented) (By cohda, via Designboom)
Under Water Record Player
Would be awesome to know how the waterproofing was done on this curious device… (by Evan Holm, via Hackaday)
TERMES Robots Project
Robots behaviour algorithm was based on termites to autonomously and collectively produce desired structures (via IEEE Spectrum).

Not sure how the LED makeup fits into the picture though…