Wednesday Links: Crab Shells, Backflippi...

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July 24, 2013

Talk about yam fries. They are an unknown phenomenon. They appear on their own and disappear into nothing, some faster than others. 50 grams eaten at night turn into 3 kilos of chub the next day. Astrophysicists refuse to comment on this gravitational anomaly. But fries are even more dangerous than black holes. To neutralize one portion you gotta move for 3 days straight. By the way, we got stuff to show you today that moves on its own. How's that connected? I am not sure….

Architecturally Influenced Hermit Crab Habitats by Aki Inomata
3D printed homes for hermit crabs, made in a shape of buildings form around the world. The inside structure was made by CT scanning the real crab shell!
Quadruple backflip and sticks the landing
Impressive build and lots of coding by [Hinamitetu]. Indeed Robolympics await this prospective champion.
Creepy acrylic spine turns dancers into instruments
Wearable danceable acrylic friction fit musical instrument! It uses a ZigBee radio transceiver to send the data to computer which transforms it into sound.
Disney Rapid Design Tool Creates Mechatronic Characters
A very clever piece of software by Disney Research to develop "sophisticated mechatronics that operate with just one motor", kinda reverse engineering the process starting from choosing the movement trajectory.
Fantastic Kinetic Sculptures by Limee Young
Mesmerizing metal kinetic sculptures by South Korean artist Limee Young look almost organic in their movement.

Now if that inspired you to do some marathon running or even just rotate in your office chair, that's good. Or at least to stop looking at links, because, conveniently enough, there's no more of them left for today. Come back next week, er, this Friday, we'll have some new product for you to see.


February 13, 2010
Family Day, Sensors, YouTube'n

Well folks, let's get started with sad news - We will be closed on Monday, February 15th 2010 for Family Day. Standard schtick - send your emails, submit orders, leave messages, etc. We will resume responding to customers and shipping orders when we reopen the next day (Tuesday, Feb. 16th). Next up - more sensors! […]

June 11, 2004
New! Servo2 and RM1a motors

We've got in an inventory of Grand Wing Servo S03N standard servos. These pack quite a bit of power, and prove to be pretty good for standard servo applications. We're sorry to say that the RM1 is no-more. The RM1 is dead; long live the RM1. (I never understood that phrase...) All hail the RM1a! […]

November 12, 2014
Wednesday Cool Links: Bioluminescence, F...

Keep warm! What else can I say... This is the season of thermosocks, spice chai, frozen windshields and many layers. For those who are not hibernating just yet, here's a weekly dose of entertainment: Bioluminescent Bacteria Lamp I want one! Hopefully no bacteria were hurt in this lighting experiment, and they were all paid accordingly […]

December 11, 2003
You've still got time!

There is still time for residents of the US and Canada to get your order before the holidays if you select the Air Mail or Express shipping methods. Latest order dates: US Airmail -- December 15 Canada Airmail -- December 18 Int'l Express -- December 19 US Express -- December 22 Canada Express -- December […]

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