Wednesday Links: 3D Weaving, Lasercut Go...

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June 25, 2014

Another Wednesday brings another dose of links. What's new about that? Links themselves, I guess.

Time-lapse Panoramas
We've all seen panoramas like that - but the video at the end of the post is really worth watching (Via
3D Weaving
Regular weaving is complex, imagine weaving in three dimensions! And the machine that does just that. (Via Notcot)
Laser Cut Inspiration
Always nice to see what projects you can do with a laser, especially I like the first one, what an awesome and functional way to utilize the rotary attachment!(Via Ponoko)
Wireless Charging Pants
...just make sure to not wash the phone while it's charging! (Via Designboom)
Math Equations Visualized
... and cast in plaster make fascinating sculptures. Somehow the translation of this totally abstract concept into something tangible is really exciting. Dunno why. (Via Wired)

Although I missed one week. Sorry.


August 29, 2002
Employment Opportunity

Solarbotics is presently soliciting resumés from qualified persons for a position to address specific in-house projects and utilities.  Candidates must have the following abilities: PHP or Perl programming Experience with Microsoft ASP SQL Database management Windows 2000 Server / IIS5 management Be local to the Calgary area (yes, we mean it. No exceptions. Don't even […]

August 25, 2005
Solarcell Comparison Datasheet

Hi all! We've distilled this year's solar cell summer-solstice tests into a nice, pretty set of PDF files. Want to know the power curves of our solarcells? Check it out here!

June 28, 2011
New Things In The Pipe

Well ladies and gentlemen, I'm sure we can all say at this point that our current website is in need of a bit of love (we certainly think so). Now's your chance to speak up and tell us what kind of shiny new features you'd like to see implemented in the new site. We've already […]

October 28, 2015
Monday New Product: Grove Sensor, Joysti...

Grove - Loudness Sensor $7.68 Detect sound with this well-engineered Grove loudness sensor. Grove - Thumb Joystick $7.68 A handy Grove module thumb-joystick. Grove - 3 pin to Grove 4 pin converter cable $.588 Add your traditional 3-pin GVS (Ground / Voltage / Signal) device to a Grove plug. Grove - Servo Branch Cable $5.88 […]

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