Wednesday Cool Links: Theremin Goggles, ...

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July 31, 2013

Shooting analog pictures, shooting bullets underwater, shooting… theremin noises from goggles, shooting… human-powered helicopters! if that doesn’t make any sense, see the links below:

Steampunk theremin goggles
A wicked build by [Sarah] - theremin steampunk goggles. Photo sensor  will feel the amount of light and the slider would adjust the pitch of the sound produced. Check out the demo video!
AK-47 Underwater at 27,450 frames per second
Shooting a gun underwater in slow motion is (unsurprisingly) hypnotizing stuff, and the comments explain the physics of the process too.
Atlas Human-Powered Helicopter - AHS Sikorsky Prize Flight
Constructed by the team AeroVelo from University of Toronto, the human-powered helicopter won the Sikorsky prize. Ivan Sikorsky was a Ukrainian aviator who was inspired by Leonardo's flying machines early on. And doesn't this helicopter look like one? Also check out the same team's Snow Bird Ornithopter video too.
Urban Species: Kinetic Lifeforms Created by U-Ram Choe
Korean artist U-Ram Choe treats his kinetic sculptures like living beings, stating that they have their own life cycle. Indeed, they are as complex as living forms, and they come with a manual to extend their life cycle!
An open source analog camera you can 3D print at home
OpenReflex -a 3D printed analog camera by Léo Marius. Made out of a surprisingly small amount of simple parts, it is compatible with any photographic lens with custom mount ring, prints in 15 hours and assembles in about 1.

I guess you've just been shot… with links! Hopefully that’s enough to keep your brain occupied for at least a few minutes. Come back for more soon!


July 8, 2013
Project Monday: Gilroy's ErgoGP

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August 9, 2006
Another New Gearmotor - The GM19!

Here's a funky motor for you - the GM19! Slightly larger than the other metal gearhead series (GM11-14), and with a larger motor, this 35:1 beasty looks like a good contender for building mini-sumos or other small, speed-hungry robots! But be warned: It is a bit strange. The gearhead is mounted askew to the motor, […]

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Wednesday Cool Links: Flying Tacos, Atom...

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September 4, 2002
New: The L293D and GM4 motor!

New products added to our inventory include the L293D motor driver IC (a staple chip used in small-robot building), and the new clear-case GM4 servo gearmotor! No electronics, just a full 360° rotating, strong, modified servo! Check out the "New Products" link on the left toolbar for pricing and details.

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