Wednesday Cool Links: Theremin Goggles, ...

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July 31, 2013

Shooting analog pictures, shooting bullets underwater, shooting… theremin noises from goggles, shooting… human-powered helicopters! if that doesn’t make any sense, see the links below:

Steampunk theremin goggles
A wicked build by [Sarah] - theremin steampunk goggles. Photo sensor  will feel the amount of light and the slider would adjust the pitch of the sound produced. Check out the demo video!
AK-47 Underwater at 27,450 frames per second
Shooting a gun underwater in slow motion is (unsurprisingly) hypnotizing stuff, and the comments explain the physics of the process too.
Atlas Human-Powered Helicopter - AHS Sikorsky Prize Flight
Constructed by the team AeroVelo from University of Toronto, the human-powered helicopter won the Sikorsky prize. Ivan Sikorsky was a Ukrainian aviator who was inspired by Leonardo's flying machines early on. And doesn't this helicopter look like one? Also check out the same team's Snow Bird Ornithopter video too.
Urban Species: Kinetic Lifeforms Created by U-Ram Choe
Korean artist U-Ram Choe treats his kinetic sculptures like living beings, stating that they have their own life cycle. Indeed, they are as complex as living forms, and they come with a manual to extend their life cycle!
An open source analog camera you can 3D print at home
OpenReflex -a 3D printed analog camera by Léo Marius. Made out of a surprisingly small amount of simple parts, it is compatible with any photographic lens with custom mount ring, prints in 15 hours and assembles in about 1.

I guess you've just been shot… with links! Hopefully that’s enough to keep your brain occupied for at least a few minutes. Come back for more soon!


June 14, 2013
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We've got a pretty long lineup of new product waiting for their turn to be presented to you. First off, we are now carrying a large selection of protoboards from BusBoard, first 3 are right here, along with some other cool stuff: BPS SB300 Solderable Breadboard (360 tie-points) $3.99 Want to move quickly from prototype […]

December 6, 2000
New Kit!The Hex Pummer

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August 22, 2012
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June 12, 2001
Tilden Interview - Video 2 Teaser

As an exercise on our video editting station, we compiled a quick 5 minute teaser of an interview we had with Mark Tilden on all manner of BEAM topics. View it As a 8.2meg Windows Media WMV file (15fps, 160x120) As a 1.8meg Real Media RM file (15fps, 160x120)

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