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March 20, 2013

Solarbotics and the Useless Box have been mentioned in the Wall Street Journal article "Looking for Something Useful to Do With Your Time? Don't Try This"! It is dedicated to the historical overview of the uselessness starting with its invention in the 1950s to nowadays. The useless box can take many guises, names and materials to be made of, but the initial impulse for pure purposelessness keeps on fascinating " tinkerers and thinkers alike". It's an interesting read, check it out if you haven't already. And now to our traditional portion of links:

"Wings" by Dukno Yoon
Not sure whether these would qualify as jewellery, mobile or art piece, I think - a little bit of everything, but definitely these look cool. By using this mechanical structure jeweler and metalsmith Dukno Yoon explores the nature of movement of the wing, and the interactive relationship with the body.
This is What Happens When You Run Water Through a 24hz Sine Wave
First it might seem that the water stream is vibrating only because the hose is doing the same, but when you get to about 1:43 in the video, it gets almost eerie, as if the water is running upwards.
A Hovering Magnetic Cloud and Other Kinetic Sculptures by Laurent Debraux
Kinetic sculptures by artist Laurent Debraux using primarily magnets, ferrofluid and metal objects with a touch of vintage. More stuff on his youtube channel.
A million times (Time Dubai) by Humans since 1982
What happens if you orchestrate 288 clocks to wave their hands in a specific fashion? Pretty mesmerizing, I say...
Retrotechtacular: flying foot-soldiers are coming for you (sixty years ago)
Here's a remarkable piece of the 1950s experimental military technology- a single-rider flying platform. Two rotors are mounted underneath and provide enough lifting power to hover the platform above the ground.

Also, according to the Wall Street Journal Useless Box  has also been called a "green machine" as one of its inherent attributes is energy efficiency. Our links are also very… green! They last only until you click them, leave minimal environmental footprint, with the exception of, maybe, brain. But, you know, that regenerates, so grow some more neurons by the next time we'll see you here!


May 4, 2012
Credit Card Woes

Thanks to some information provided to us by a very determined customer (Thanks Erin!), we've been able to pin down why some of your credit cards were being declined. We've been able to correct and verify that this bug has been resolved, so those of you who have been declined while using an otherwise valid […]

May 24, 2012
Arduino Leonardo Preorder, Cool Link Wed...

Big news! We've put in an order to bring in a schwack-load (a scientific unit of measurement) of the new n' shiny Arduino Leonardo. We can't quite say when they're set to arrive, though, but we're hoping it'll only be a few weeks...ish. Looks like this will be a really popular board, due to the impressive […]

August 4, 2010
Geek Engineers wanted

With the departure of our two interns, we're finding that we miss them. Damn them and their desire to complete their education... Since they left, we're finding we have too many projects and not enough hands to get them done. Got  some/any of the following qualifications? Practical experience with sensors Experience with 8-bit embedded computing […]

January 10, 2018
Special Gift Ocarina Box

Now that the season of mass gift giving is (temporarily) over, publishing the details on this special gift ocarina box for a wedding anniversary will not ruin a surprise. So I figured I'd share this personal project that uses simple but smart electronics. First I soldered an interrupter switch to the SuperFlex LED Strand with Battery Pack in color purple. […]

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