Wednesday Cool Links: The Best of April ...

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April 3, 2013

Hmmm, April first has come and gone, and we've missed a chance to pretend we are now switching to selling electric squids powered by rabid honey badgers on brooms. To compensate for that disappointment here's an overview of the best April first stories.

Underwater Basketweaving
This is a new course where students explore the ancient technique of underwater basket weaving. The certificate of accomplishment comes with a 1500-watt professional hair dryer!
April Fools’ project teaches coworkers not to touch your stuff
Teach those pesky coworkers to never ever touch your stuff again. After flipping the switch a very loud siren will start sounding, which you cannot turn off with the said switch.
Sphero - Peacekeeper Edition
Sphero Peacekeeper is a new Sphero that reaches 3 feet in diameter, 150pounds and is a really efficient robotic ball capable of performing many tasks!
Google Fiber to the Pole
Get access to Google Fiber super-high-speed internet by plugging your device into the pole. Find a pole near you, and you can be surrounded by the fellow hackers and gamers and enjoy the community paired with technology. introduces the RetroMator 4000 is known for making classic games available to play on modern operating systems. If you miss the floppy disk days, RetroMator 4000 is for you. Scale your color depths to as low as 16 or play your favorite game as a text-only adventure.

Oh, and before we wrap up, just wanted to mention that our new pick'n'place machine is wonderful and working hard at picking and placing all the things, such as LOL Shields, Solarbotics Synapse-to-FTDI Adapter Kits, SB-Freeduinos, which are now back in stock. We thought you might wanna know!


February 13, 2013
Wednesday Cool Links: Laser Experiments,...

Look! Bird (-shaped bullets) made holes in bird... feathers! Well, not quite, although that would have been awesome too. Actually we were doing some nitrogen-assisted laser tests on various regular, i.e. boring materials, such as plywood and mat board. Then I came across some feathers and here's what it turned out to be: Now that […]

December 9, 2004
Harold's "Tank"

Harold Ilano built this SW2.2 / VBug inspired 5 motor walker named "Tank", and just recently announced it on the BEAM mailing list. It's a very effective and quick device - nicely done, and well worth a look-see. It still impresses me what we can do without a microcontroller...

May 16, 2004
GM15 tiny gear motors

We've had these for sale for a week now, and I haven't posted any news about them yet? What am I thinking? Ah, we were getting ready for the WCRG... never mind! Anyways, we've got these cool 6mm diameter 25:1 planetary gear motors now. They're smaller than our standard RPM2 pager motors! We've built a […]

November 28, 2002
New Book - Robot Sumo!

Here's another book we quite enjoyed and recommend adding to your bookshelf - Robot Sumo! Check it out in the "New Items" or "Books" Section.

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