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June 5, 2013

Hey, we survived MakerFaire, now we got new challenges. Good weather is one of them. But the internet can help. Stay put, there's nothing to see out there. The outdoor reality doesn't blink, pan or murmur, or at least not as often as those links below:

Stryfe Motor Replacement!
A wicked nerf gun mod - using RM2 motors. Sure adds power and range.
Giant New Sound Installation by Zimoun Inside an Abandoned Chemical Tank
This is what I call re-purposing on a large scale! Take one gigantic abandoned toluene tank, 329 prepared dc motors and the same amount of cotton balls, and you got a huge permanent installation by the sound artist Zimoun.
GoPro panning time-lapse with Ikea egg timer
Here's a hack made using the egg timer to take panoramic shots. [Sebastian Schuster] used 3d printed rig designed with Tinkercard to mount his GoPro camera to the egg timer.
Murmur: from sound to light by talking to walls
An installation with a pretty magical effect, transforming the voice into light and sending it off to the virtual space where it can be visualized. It was created using Raspberry PI and Openframeworks creative coding toolkit. Check out the video to see it in action.
MakerFaire Pics
As last, but not the least, we wanted to share some pics of the cool stuff and people from MakerFaire San Mateo that we managed to shoot in between working, schmoozing and... working some more. These are just the start, keep an eye on our photostream, there's more to come.

Yeah, the internet is better than life in every regard. It won't hurt you or say things you don’t wanna hear. You can always turn it off when you don’t want it, or connect to anyone and talk for hours and days. Wait… I got an email…  Stay tuned for more quality murmuring and pictures next time!


November 25, 2011
Not Your Average Door Bell

Wireless doorbells have a tendency to... suck. I speak from personal experience on such matters. When they fail to get my attention while at home, apathy generally wins out and inevitably forces me to head down to the FedEx/UPS depot to pick up my missed package. David Watson, a man of action, took matters into […]

March 29, 2018
Good Friday & Canada Post

This is a quick note to let all our customers know that Canada Post will not be shipping on Monday. And we are closed tomorrow March 30th for Good Friday!  

October 13, 2002
Solarbotics closed Monday

Monday is Canadian Thanksgiving up here in the Great White North, so we'll not be open October 14. Business as usual on the 15th!

April 2, 2004
SunSwinger Documentation online

We just got the PDF documentation up for the SunSwinger, so you'll see it listed as a resource under the SunSwinger product info page. Hope you all enjoyed April Fool's. The Spazovore was only a partial joke - anybody who ordered one will be receiving one!

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