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October 25, 2012

As of early September the trees learned how to shed leaves. They were so graceful and efficient, that I start to wonder if they have an MFA in Shedding Leaves. Now, the question is - did they create this white stuff that now lies on the ground as well? Because if they did, they didn’t do a very good job with it. The substance looks messy, it sticks to the shoes, hardens and then melts - only to harden again in most uncomfortable shapes. I hope staying inside and looking at these links helps.

Anatomical Neon: Blown Glass Human Organs
Containing Neon Lights by Jessica Lloyd-Jones
Anatomical Neon is a series of blown glass sculptures illuminated by neon gas, which lights up under the influence of electric current.
Susanna Kraus & Bazon Brock - Deceleration of Time
The actress and artist Susanna Kraus developed a project called Imago, a largest walk-in camera that produces self-portraits. The subject (who is a photographer at the same time) literally walks into the camera and exposes his life-size image directly onto the photo paper.
How-To: Skull Truffles with Custom Mold and Walnut Brains
These white chocolate skulls with walnut brains are just in time for Halloween. Not quite black and orange, but still probably taste really good. The chocolate was poured into silicone molds and then topped with walnuts. See Marc Brownlow's how-to.
Light Studies: Experimental Light Photos by Kim Pimmel
What seems to be digitally rendered photographs is actually long exposure shots made by San Francisco-based designer and photographer Kim Pimmel. He uses a variety of common objects such as ping pong balls, old turntables, and simple pendulums with LEDs, Arduino microcomputers, servos and other lighting mechanisms such as iPhone screens to make the photos.
Bullet Earbuds
These neat-o earbuds are custom fitted with 7.62mm bullet casings.
Glittering Metallic Ink Clouds Photographed by Albert Seveso
New series of photographs by Albert Seveso called Il Mattino ha l’oro in bocca. He uses metallic inks to accentuate the rolling plumes of color as they disperse underwater. All photos courtesy the artist.
Cloud, An Interactive Sculpture Made of 6,000 Light Bulbs
This installation project created for Nuit Blanche art festival is a steel structure with mounted incandescent light bulbs in the shape of a cloud. Viewers can turn the bulbs on and off using pull strings that hang from the sculpture, creating a flickering effect (video).

We hope the white plague passes sooner than later, because those snowflake things are not only cold, but they all look the same too… Imagine if all our links were the same. Damn trees…


April 30, 2013
Solarbotics at Calgary Comic Expo 2013

Whelp, many moons have passed since we posted last time (er, maybe that's a slight exaggeration), and many a thing have happened. We went to Las Vegas to the Magento conference, lasered some ukuleles, but mostly were in a mad rush preparing for the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo 2013. We teamed up with a […]

January 22, 2014
Wednesday Links: Marble Track Table, Fil...

Technology empowering cats! Cats should have the right to tweet! Or at least have a live video stream dedicated to their cat-like doings and goings. All with the help of Arduino Yun.This is just one of the many things (five is considered many, right?) that we have for you today: Wooden Table Carved with Marble […]

November 24, 2010
Ardweeny BackPack - Red and Blue!

Finally got them through the Pick and Place machine, tested, and ready to go. Check out the blue and green versions! (We're still kicking around a VU-type Greeeeen/Yel/RED version too. What do you think?) By the way, we've got some pretty decent sample code on how to use your Ardweeny Backpack (and thusly, any Arduino-compatible) […]

May 26, 2009
We are at the Maker Faire!

Solarbotics and HVW Tech will be at the Bay Area Maker Faire this weekend!  If you have a chance to come out be sure to stop by and say hi, we'll be in our booth all day Saturday and Sunday.  Also Dave will be doing a presentation in the workshop area over the weekend, so […]

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