Wednesday Cool Links: First Batch for 20...

Dave Hrynkiw
January 2, 2013

Well, it appears that some people around the office are a bit grumpy after having to come back from their nice long winter hibernation. But it's the New Year! Time to feel awesome and optimistic and bubbly about the upcoming year full of possibilities. That's okay though, they just need to be injected with a solid 5 JoyAmps of current through their HappyCircuits to get going. While I work on that, check out the first batch of cool links for 2013:

Useless Box Built in 30s!
Craig sent us in this video he shot of building a Useless Box in a mere 30 seconds! Actually, it was closer to 1.5 hours, but the compressed timelapse is still really cool to watch. Thanks Craig!
Bursting Balloons Photography
Edward Horsford, a London-based photographer, has done an amazing series capturing exploding water balloons in mid-burst.
Hybrid Tube Amp Design
Normal amps, full of fancy circuitry, are pretty common but lack that certain coolness factor (and sound quality, depending on who you talk to). This design brings two tubes into the mix, making a hybrid between the old and new ways of putting power through a set of speakers.
Kukkia - Wearable, Moving Flowers
This is quite hypnotizing - these flowers are made of felt and silk, with stitched in Nitinol shape memory alloy. The result is a slowly blossoming flower. Check out the rest of XSLabs YouTube channel for other cool fashion/wearable projects.
Light Emitting Dudes - LED Freerunning
We're all familiar with Parkour/Free Running, and we're all familiar with LEDs. When they're combined, though, it's really captivating. One part Tron, one part... Super awesome.

Ah, there we go. I had to adjust it to 12BlissVolts before they started putting out the required 7 Smiles Per Minute. Looks like we're right on track to meet the 74 MegaCheer quota for the year.


February 21, 2014
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Solarbotics is helping out local fashion designers prepare their e-wearables for the Calgary MakeFashion. This time, Tony Grimes dropped in to experiment with his fiber-optic cloth from SensingTex as an illuminating surface, but the included 5mm LED was not dazzling enough. Time to hack in our 3W RGB Star Controller! The plan was to shift […]

June 19, 2018
New Product: The Solarbotics Paris Flyer...

The Paris Flyer CarouSol Kit is the latest product in our line of solar-powered kinetic desk toys. Borrowing design elements from the golden age of air travel , we've added our unique solar-electronics flair to create self-powered dynamic mobiles. 

April 21, 2011
Closed Friday, April 21st.

Fun fact: The Friday before Easter used to be just like any other day of the week. But then they ('they' who? THE GREAT THEY, THAT'S WHO) decided that no, this Friday should be set apart from all the other Fridays of the year. So they tried attaching different names. First was Bad Friday, which […]

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Interactive String LED Floor Mandala at ...

Because... of things... Solarbotics didn't do a booth or official presence at this year's Bay Area MakerFaire. We opted to do something fun this time, building a custom just-for-the-fair piece of sorta-interactive LED artwork. Following on the success of the quickie LED floor mandala resting area we did at the NYC MF, we turned it […]

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