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September 11, 2013

We were at the San Mateo MakerFaire, and were representing for BPS breadboards. They've announced their winners, and the first place went to  Elizabeth from Houston, Texas (age 11) (and we like unicorns too):

Now that we have established our stance towards robotic (roboCorns) and regular unicorns (unicornus vulgaris), here's some links. They are just as magical:

Fletcher Tables
This is definitely out of garage-duct tape-hot glue DIY range, but the craftsmanship is amazing, especially it's worth seeing it in motion, check out the video.
Robosans: Robot Made Digital Typography
An intersection of typography and robotics, a font created by manipulating the controller on the OWI robotic arm.
Completely analog electronic music box
An analog music box [Steven Dufresne], that uses 555 timer and can generate 13 different tones. Electronically simple and mechanically elegant solution. And it plays music!
NES: Nixie Entertainment System
Tiny nixies are fun! Nintendo emulator combined with a nixie clock by [Bradley W. Lewis] is all kinds of retro-tastic.
Watch JPL's RoboSimian Do Pull-Ups
We've seen lots of articulated robots, but this one eerily resembles a simian, with all four limbs capable of mobility and manipulation.

Oh, do I ever wish I had a roboCorn to hold things, for example as my coat rack... But isn't that a waste of unicornal resources? Dear Elizabeth from Houston, Texas, please build one for me, I would find a good use for it.

And before I conclude, wanted to mention that Solarbotics will have a booth at the MakerFaire YYC at Alberta College of Art+Design on September 13 and 14, with the various electronic goodies and the Arduino workshop. Also noteworthy are our fellow Calgary manufacturers - BPS, the makers of prototyping boards, who I mentioned at the beginning of this post in relation to the unicorns. They (not unicorns, the BPS!) will also be doing  a demo on using C Programming for AVRs/Arduinos and a demo on using breadboards.

See y'all (or some) there!


July 4, 2014
Friday New Product: Metric Hardware

It's another Friday and we are back with the product that makes sense - it is metric! It is not measured in twips, poppyseeds, barleycorns, yards, furlongs, or any of this funny stuff. It's your good old straightforward decimals. Metric 2.5mm Hex Nut - 25 Pack $4.00 Metric M2.5 Hex Nut, in packs of 25, […]

May 25, 2004
Content Added

Well, it's not exactly news, but we have managed to import most of the old content back into the site. There are still a few more additions to go, but this should keep you tinkering on new projects until then. Head over to the BEAM Resources section for the added BEP Applications, Photo Galleries, and […]

November 23, 2015
Monday New Product: Grove

Seeed Grove - Digital Light Sensor $9.90 This module is based on the I2C light-to-digital converter TSL2561. Grove - DMX512 $4.90 Interface Grove to DMX512 for control of stage lighting and effects. Grove - Temperature & Humidity Pro Sensor $14.90 For more precise environmental measurements using the Grove system. Grove - Recorder $17.95 Grove record […]

April 26, 2002
Guaranteed Results Workshop at WCRG

Solarbotics is again hosting a Guaranteed Results workshop at the Western Canadian Robot Games, on Friday May 10th, noon to 4pm. It works like this: Pick up any kits from Solarbotics before (or of the day) the workshop, bring it in, and we'll have tools and expertise there to make sure your kit goes together […]

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