Web Links Thursday

Glorious MIDI unicorn
It looks good and it sounds good – a challenging project by musician Andrew Huang. (Via LaughingSquid)
Color changing hair dye
Thermochromic hair color, apparently safe and non-permanent, soon as a commercial product. (Via ZMEScience)
Dazzling canopy of interactive moving lights
Teamlab’s stunning light and sound show creates an illusion of ethereal space. (Via DesignBoom)
The Technology Under the Skin of the Animatronic Creatures From ‘Spy in the Wild’
An amazing result of merging knowledge of biology and robotics. (Via LaughingSquid)
Camera made from 32000 drinking straws takes pointillistic photographs
A counterpoint to the modern obsession with high resolution – an analog camera producing multipoint perspective grainy images. (Via DesignBoom)