'Twas the night before Christmas...

Solar botics
December 23, 2008

'Twas the night before Christmas and all through the shop
Not a creation was stirring (except the Turbot!).
All robots had been packed and shipped with care,
With hope, to their destination, they soon would be there.
The bosses and staff were heading home straight
To settle down to gift wrapping, probably 'til late.
When out in the alley, there arose a great a noise
A man in a red suit yelled, "We need some help boys!"
"You see Rudolph here,
Is a mighty fine deer,
But the light in his nose
Has gone out I fear!"
"We made it as far as your shop
Before his nose stopped.
With all of your parts and 'bots
Maybe you could help us a lot?"
So Dave in his hat (set in determination),
Made calls to suppliers across the nations.
The deliveries of parts came by couriers of fame
And he whooped and cheered and called them by name.
"On Fed Ex! On Canada Post! Go Purolator! Go UPS!"
While the couriers helped Santa loosen his load,
Solarbotics worked to fix Rudolph’s nose
(trust us...load and nose rhyme)
But what could we use, what would it be?
"Eureka!" Kathy shouted, "We’ll convert a PummLantern LED!"
Work on Rudolph’s solar powered nose had begun.
As everyone knows reindeer fly with the sun.
With design commenced on the nasal replacement,
The laser cut out the LED encasement.
With the laser finished humming and the lantern now "pumming"
Santa leapt to his seat and grabbed hold the reins,
Shouting "Happy Holidays to all, we’re on our way again!"
From the crew at Solarbotics,
Happy Holidays and a Peaceful New Year.


August 27, 2001
MIT's Rod Brooks papers

Just a quick addition for now - there was a link submitted from the BEAM mailing list regarding Rod Brooks' papers at MIT. Some very worthwhile reading for those long, summer afternoons in the shade... Read More...

January 13, 2003
BEPApp 3 - SPSH3

With all the interest with Wilf's "Power Smart Head", we thought it'd be an ideal project to mount on our Bicore Experimenter's PCB. To make the project work, we're even stocking the 74HC240! Check it out under the "Special Projects" link, or click here.

June 24, 2004
Solarbotics at PDXBot04

Grant and I have been back from PDXBot a few weeks now, and I put together a wee movie showing off some of the (limited) video I shot. You get to see Grant winning 2nd place in Mini-sumo, me NOT using a camera correctly (I got record on/off reversed during a Grant/me match), and some […]

October 28, 2015
Monday New Product: Grove Sensor, Joysti...

Grove - Loudness Sensor $7.68 Detect sound with this well-engineered Grove loudness sensor. Grove - Thumb Joystick $7.68 A handy Grove module thumb-joystick. Grove - 3 pin to Grove 4 pin converter cable $.588 Add your traditional 3-pin GVS (Ground / Voltage / Signal) device to a Grove plug. Grove - Servo Branch Cable $5.88 […]

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