Turbot Winners...

Dave Hrynkiw
August 15, 2005

New update
We've got confirmation from all three Turbot winners! They are:

Scott Williams
of New Jersey, USA, and...

Amin Younes
of New York State, USA!

Emiel Roumen
of the Netherlands!

ps: Turbot kit looks like it'll be ready real soon!


April 12, 2019
Courier Shipping Services Broken

Purolator is one of our more popular couriers, and they've recently rolled out an update that we thought wasn't going to affect our website. Guess what? Why yes; yes it has. And on a Friday afternoon, we are unable to get anybody on their end to help us pin down the error location. That's not […]

May 17, 2002
New Parts

We've added to our new parts listing the 8212 Maxim Voltage Monitor, the dual AA & AAA battery holder, and the new 1F 2.5V aerogel capacitor. Of them all, the new super-capacitor is pretty cool...

August 11, 2004
L298 Compact Motor Driver Kit

Ok, we were fed up with the strange pinouts on the L298 motor driver, and decided to do something about it. The result is the Solarbotics L298 Compact Motor Driver. It happens to be the same size as a BEP tile, offers four status LEDs, plugs for easy wiring, and screw terminals for motor and […]

February 28, 2011
Sherline Closing Sale

Because we use their great products while making robots, we've also carried Sherline products almost since we started Solarbotics. But the time has come to start cutting things that aren't core to our business, and the Sherline machine tools definitely take valuable time from open-source hardware hacking, lasering, and pick'n'placing. For 1 week only, we're […]

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