The 2004 Robotgames are over...

Dave Hrynkiw
May 17, 2004

...and it was fun! Solarbotics was busy, showing off our new kits and gear motors, and shaking hands with a large number of our customers.

Yeah, there weren't any "official" BEAM events, but we still had a good time running our Solarbotics-sponsored SolarSpeeder race, with the winner being 8(?) year old Devon Bateman (taking home a Sumovore kit), followed by Tom Gray (who loves HexPummers), and then Mike Ball (who gave his ScoutWalker 1 to 4th place winner Jessica Bateman).

Competition-wise, we did pretty good! Our own Grant McKee is the WCRG Advanced Mini-Sumo Champion with "Ender's Wraith" (which also won 2nd at Robolympics), with myself (Dave) taking 3rd with "2Strong2Bad" (hmmm... a repeat of Robolympics). Ah, at least I managed to FINALLY defeat Dave Hylands' "Marauder", although his new "Stinger" did manage 2nd. This time... It was worth noting that "Stinger" uses GM12's and K SMD motor drivers!

Sumovores did pretty well too. Our own stock "Sumovoracious" with an Atmel add-on board finished 5th at line-follower, followed by James Wilson's "The Hulk" (fully stock) Sumovore in 6th. "The Hulk" also won 1st at amateur mini-sumo!

For full event competition summaries, check here (don't blame me if the auto-page change goes to quick!). We'll see about pictures in the near future...


July 12, 2007
2001 Solar Cell Analysis Data - Direct S...

At Solarbotics, we've been getting quite a few questions regarding the "real-world" performance of our solarcells. Although we do have the official Panasonic Sunceram datasheets, it is written in a quite technical manner and does not include practical design data.

November 10, 2014
Project Monday: The Story of SharkBot

Not every product we design is destined to make it to the consumer. Sometimes a great idea gets taken to completion before we realize that one factor or another dooms it to an existence in our failed project bin. One such project that now lives a watery grave is the Sharkbot. Akin to our much […]

May 17, 2019
Closed for Victoria Day

Orders over the weekend will be processed promptly on Tuesday!

July 18, 2016
New Product: Motors & Driver

28BYJ-48-16 16:1 Stepper Gearmotor $5.85 Originally designed for control of HVAC vanes and similar low-demand equipment, these stepper-motor gearboxes have lots of hacking potential. This is the lower torque / higher speed 16:1. 28BYJ-48-64 64:1 Stepper Gearmotor $5.85 Originally designed for control of HVAC vanes and similar low-demand equipment, these stepper-motor gearboxes have lots of […]

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