Spontaneous Skeleton Staff

Dave Hrynkiw
August 6, 2013

We're not really into horoscopes that much, but generally we try to keep the company stars aligned. Sometimes, though, the stars do not align, and decided to go on spontaneous day trips to other corners of the galaxy. It's all well and good for the stars, but the planets really get confused and end up throwing their arms up in the air and before abandoning their orbits. Today, Solarbotics is one such planet.

Due to a variety of what we'll pleasantly call staffing anomalies, we're operating on skeleton staff today (Tuesday August 6th). So please be patient while we try to keep things moving along - we'll be processing orders based on the shipping priority (with the overnight and Purolator Air packages going out first) and responding to calls and emails as we're able to. We'll be more on track tomorrow and usual service should resume. We apologize for any delay and appreciate your understanding.

And if those pesky stars could just get their act together, get back in line, and stay there, that'd be handy.



...Stupid stars.


November 3, 2005
New Catalog!

8th Edition is online! Get it here, or under the "Resources" tab - it's on the top bar.

November 2, 2001

Wired.com recently posted a very interesting comparison between the Wowwee/Hasbro BIO-Bugs, and the Sony Aibo. Interesting comparison! For those wanting more information, there's the BIO-Bug vivisection page at Solarbotics.net.

July 16, 2014
Wednesday Links: Smile TV, New Materials...

Brief summary of today's short issue: it is about squishy mice robots that feed on the dark matter, live in weird motors and make TVs smile. Smile TV Pretty retro-looking 4-legged TV leaves you smiling like an idiot in order to watch anything. (Via Designboom) How Squishy Would You Like Your Robot? Finally science moving […]

September 14, 2000
Minor Additions and New Links

Boy, there's work to do on new websites. Link checking, spell checking, image links - all sorts of crap that doesn't have anything to do directly with robots! Even so, we've been able to put up a few new images of Mark Tilden's "Projectorbots" on the Photovores page. Yuck. Must do something about how hard […]

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