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Dave Hrynkiw
April 20, 2012


But before we get started, how about some light-hearted entertainment, yes? Chances are you've heard of the Toronto International Film Festival. It has something to do with those fancy moving pictures that seem to be all the rage these days.  You might recognize them by their other name, "talking pictures" (or just "talkies"). In any case, this year the folks at TIFF Kids are running the Digiplayspace activity center for kids, which includes lots of electronics technology. And among this is a bunch of good ol' Solarbotics stuff. Check out a video here:

You can check out some other related videos here and here and here. The festival runs until the 22nd, so stop by if you're in the area and check out the action for yourself.

Alright, onto new product shenanigans. We got a small collection/fistful/smattering of stuff for you, particularly with some fresh stock from Seeed Studio.

DSO Quad - 4 Channel Digital Storage Oscilloscope DSO Quad - 4 Channel Digital Storage Oscilloscope

Whaaat? You have no 'scope? You need a 'scope. The Seeed Studio DSO Quad portable Oscilloscope is the one you want to strap to your forearm and show off, saying "NO, this is no MP3 player - this is my OSCILLOSCOPE! YOU dance; I'll measure the RMS!". Well, it could happen...
TRS(3.5mm) to BNC probe converter (DSO nano compatible) TRS (3.5mm) to BNC probe converter (DSO nano compatible)

Being so incredibly small, tidy and useful, the DSO nano has to use small non-standard jacks for the test leads. You want to connect it to standard leads? Here's the converter!
SeeedStudio Music Shield SeeedStudio Music Shield

Yes, there are other music/mp3 shields out there, but SEEED Studio does it again with a very complete unit!
SeeedStudio Relay Shield Relay Shield

You want to move power? We've got the SeeedStudio Relay Shield that'll let the milliamperes of an Arduino-compatible board to control up to 35VDC 70W on 4 seperate channels!
Adafruit RGB 16x2 LCD Shield Kit (POSITIVE Display; RGB text on black) Adafruit RGB 16x2 LCD Shield Kit (POSITIVE Display; RGB text on black)

You want shiny? Pretty? Informative? What is this, a 6pm news-anchor? NO! It's the Adafruit 16x2 Character LCD Shield, in red/green/blue POSITIVE display (the text is colored, not the background).
Tamiya Multicore 8-conductor Cable (5m) Tamiya Multicore 8-conductor Cable (5m)

Tamiya makes all kinds of stuff, including this "spare part" colorful cable.
C@H 120ma 5V/3.3V Step-up/Step-down Converter C@H 120ma 5V/3.3V Step-up/Step-down Converter

Besides having a totally fabulous part number (18888 - just say it), this tidy little package is sure to be as similarly fabulous in any design you're working on where you want some regulated power, on the cheap!

The only problem we have with those fine folks at Seeed is their name. It just makes you want to lean on that 'e' key for a bit longer than you know you should. Seeeeeeeeeeed.

Oh, yeah. That hits the spot.


March 20, 2001
Mark Lecturing in Maryland, not Texas!

Whups! Sorry, we got a fact wrong listing Mark's lecture at the Goddard Space Flight Center. It's not in Houston, Texas - it's in Greenbelt, Maryland (March 23). Our apologies to Goddard Space Flight Center - I'm sure they weren't looking forward to a 1400 mile moveÂ…

October 14, 2003
StrongBad victorious again!

Our trip to RoboMaxx was great fun, and StrongBad did it again, winning first place in the Advanced Mini-Sumo competition! The GM6 gear motors did their job, rarely failing to give StrongBad the ability to power opponents out of the ring. We also entered our Sumovore Sumo robot kit (officially available in a day or […]

July 28, 2004
New GM10 wheels and combo deal!

Today we are happy to finally bring colours to our GM10 Pager Gear motor wheels! Now available in Black, Red, Blue, Yellow and Light Grey. What's a motor and a wheel without a motor/wheel deal where you can get a GM10 pager gear motor with a wheel at a special price?

February 15, 2011
Hakko FA-400 Smoke Absorber

It's cool. Well, not quite. But it's smoking. Umm,  that's not right, either. It's anti-smoking. Whoever redesigned their 493 smoke absorber did a pretty good job - it's much better than it was before! And Hakko even posted a cool video showing how good it is (sorry, can't embed the video here).

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