Resistance is Futile if < 1ohm

Dave Hrynkiw
July 31, 2009

Hey, look at us! We made a witty, over-used joke! But seriously, this week we have a schwack-load of resistors for you. Normally we save most of these for our internal use, but what's so fun about that? So we've gone ahead and opened up our entire inventory of  5% accuracy, 1/4 watt resistors. There are a lot of them. And they can now be yours, so that you too can make lame Borg jokes. Check out the full list of new resistors below. For a complete selection, be sure to check out the Resistors Category.

And one last tidbit! We've put together a Graphics & Logos section, for all sorts of Solarbotics media. There are a few small/simple website banners, as well as some larger, high res and vector logos for those of you who'd like to make something specific. You can access this page by hitting the big Resources button at the top, and then the Solarbotics Graphics & Logos link on the lower-left. So, loyal minions, venture forth and plaster our logo in all manner of extremely awesome places!


May 12, 2005
Sumovore 3rd Place at PDXBot!

Just browsing through the results of the last PDXBot in Portland (if you ever get the chance, check it out - it's a quality gig). Anyways, I noticed that the Sumovore "Enterprise" entered by "Azalia Middle School comander" won 3rd place in the Amateur class! Well done!

September 4, 2001
BIOBugs Update

News from Mr. Tilden: The official unveiling of Hasbro/Wowwee BIOBugs will be September 14, with a huge unleasing of 100 of these critters into the desert of White Sands, New Mexico. Additionally, Mark himself is slated to be on the Rosie O'Donnell Show sometimes on the week of September 17. This will coincide with the […]

November 13, 2015
Motion Activated Tree Lights

In compliance with the upcoming holidays we decided to contribute to the obligatory dose of Christmas ornamentation in the shape of the well-known coniferous tree. A tabletop freestanding tree with LED strings and a flashing star on top seemed like an easy enough thing to do. We also wanted to add a tech twist to […]

June 5, 2015
Friday New Product: Teensy, Ribbon Cable...

Today is Friday, and we are announcing a range of parts that might be helpful in your projects: Teensy-LC USB Development Board $11.65 Teensy-LC delivers an impressive collection of capabilities to make modern electronic projects simpler. Infrared Receiver 2.5-5.5V 38kHz $1.40 Compact IR Receiver for sensor applications. 2xAAA Battery Holder with Cover and Switch $1.50 […]

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