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Vibrating Disk Motor

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The VPM2 is a replacement for the now unavailable venerable VPM. At 12mm dia x 3.4mm thick, it’s smaller than the original, and has presoldered leads!

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$3.95 USD
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The original VPM was a wonderful motor, so when it went out of production, we just had to find a replacement for it.

At 12mm dia x 3.4mm thick (1/2″dia. x 0.134″), it’s a bit smaller, but still packs a wallop by giving 1G vibration at 12,000rpm from 3V, drawing less than 80mA.

Did we mention that it also comes with a pre-mounted sticky-tape strip on the backside? Makes it really easy to attach to your latest vibebot!



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Dimensions 1.2 × 1.5 × 0.3 cm



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