The Solarbotics Learn to Solder Kit SKU: 60355

The Solarbotics Learn to Solder Kit

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Want to Learn how to solder? This kit gives you a few simple parts that can be soldered on to a board to give you a wearable blinking LED badge.


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In combination with our learn to solder Instructional video this kit makes a great way to introduce yourself to the fun world of creating electronics!

The board features a gold plated trim around the outside. The logos are all copper in the middle of the board. If no custom option is requested all badges are engraved with our logo.

Our kit also is available in a few flavors to help accommodate education programming and event programming. You can order this kit with your own company or event logo engraved on it. Just provide us a drawing (dxf, cdr, ai formats are preferred, contact for more options) and we will use our lasers here to engrave your badges. This option must be ordered in increments of 20 at a time.

This kit has been priced as inexpensive as possible in order to help make it a good fund raising tool. We allow the boards to be ordered as just the PCB or just the parts to make it more affordable to order large batches of the customized badge. This will mean you will only need to order the number of parts needed for the session you will be running.

And guess what: you can now laser engrave the LTS PCB with a design of your own, or choose from the 6 available designs (see the photos and dropdown menu). Just note that you can have custom engraving of your art only in multiples of 20 (that’s how many PCBs are per sheet), and the art options that we offer are not limited by any set quantity, meaning you can order one, two, or any number you wish.

If you have an event, or looking for higher quantity/educational discount – please contact

Included in Kit

  • 1x Learn to Solder PCB
  • 2′ of solder
  • 2x 0 Ohm resistors (shunt resistors)
  • 2x 5mm RGB strobe LEDs
  • 1x shirt pin and backing
  • 1x coin cell battery holder
  • 1x coin cell battery


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Weight 0.0118 kg
Dimensions 4.5 × 4.5 × 4.5 cm


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